New F-Slider Self Pleasuring Chair

F-Slider, Sex Machine, Rocking Slider,Love Glider,F-Slider, Love Glider, sex Machine, Sex Furniture

F-Slider Pro Heavy Duty Self Pleasuring Sliding Chair- Made in the USA with Heavy Duty Construction

F-Slider, Sex Machine, Rocking Slider,Love Glider

F-Slider, Sex Machine, Rocking Slider,Love Glider

F-Slider, Sex Machine, Rocking Slider,Love Glider

F-Slider, Sex Machine, Rocking Slider,Love Glider, Vacu-Lock Love Glider Sex Slider

Easy to Hold Handle

The F-Slider includes a comfortable handle for easy grip during play. This handle is ideal for solo or couples play while sliding. You rock your hips forward and the F-Slider transfers your body momentum into an upward thrust of pleasure. Rocking backward and forward withdraws the dildo for hands-free pleasure.

Smooth and Quiet Operation

The F-Slider features the smoothest whisper quiet operation. The high quality ball bearing construction provides a smooth and consistent pleasure slide for every penetration. The F-Slider has fluid and controllable motion with little effort to maximize your pleasure with fully interchangeable dildos.

Fully Adjustable Depth and Penetration

The F-Slider allows full adjustments for both depth and angle of penetration during play. You can control thrusting depth and speed with your own natural movements. You also have the ability to control the angle of entry for the dildo. The F-Slider provides complete hands- free penetration with your own body movements.

Comfortable Over-sized Cushioned Chair

The wide comfortable seat provides the perfect position for exact please with penetration The Wide Comfortable Seat is rated at 300 pounds and is made for pleasure. Built with heavy-duty components for a lifetime of pleasure.

F-Slider Pro Self Pleasuring Chair uses your Natural Body Movement to control Penetration.

F-Slider, Sex Machine, Rocking Slider,Love Glider, Vacu-Lock Love Glider Sex Slider

F-Slider, Sex Machine, Rocking Slider,Love Glider, Vacu-Lock Love Glider Sex Slider

F-Slider, Sex Machine, Rocking Slider,Love Glider, Vacu-Lock Love Glider Sex Slider

Vacu-Lock Adapter Included

Each F-Slider comes with a Vac-U Lock adapter for Vac-U-Lock dildos. Fully compatible with Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock dildos. This adapter easily slides into the F-Slider mount for quick dildo change at play.

Universal Dildo Adapter Includer

Use any suction cup mount dildo with the F-Slider. This universal mount allows attachment of any suction cup mount dildo for maximum flexibility.

Bonus Starter Kit Included

Each F-Slider comes with a Bonus 3 PC Starter kit, including a Vac-U-Lock Adapter, Universal Dildo Mount and 7 inch Realistic Dildo.

F-Slider, Love Glider, sex Machine, F-Machine, Gigolo Machine, Sex furniture F-Machine Pro, Cloud 9 F-MAchine, sex Machine F-Machine Gigolo, F-mAchine Pro, sex Machines
Cloud 9 F-Slider Cloud 9 F-Machine Pro Cloud 9 F-Machine Gigolo
Sex Machine Type Sliding Type Self Powered Thrusting AC Power Variable Speed Thrusting AC Power Variable Speed
Consumer Application Self Powered Sex Slider No Power Required AC powered machine with wired remote control for variable speed AC powered machine with wireless remote for variable speed
Compatible with Vacu-U-Lock Adaptor Yes – Adapter or included Yes – Adapter or included Yes – Adapter or included
Dildo included Yes -Includes Vac-u-lock Adapter, Universal Dildo Attachment, 7″ Dildo and Lube Yes- Includes 8 Inch Dildo Yes- Includes 8 Inch Dildo
Thrusting Speed Control Exact thrusting control with your own body movement 0-240 RPM with a variable speed motor 0-240 RPM with a variable speed motor
F-Slider, Love Glider, sex Machine, F-Machine, Gigolo Machine, Sex furniture

The F-Slider Pro self pleasuring chair you can play by yourself or as a couple.

The F-Slider uses your natural body movement to provide stimulation in a comfortable seated position

The moving parts need no maintenance and are designed for silent operation. Slide your way to ecstasy, have a seat on the custom padded thigh rests, position yourself over the dildo, and use your own body movement to control the thrusting speed and depth.

The F-Slider is build with heavy duty components and made in the U.S.A.

The heavy framework is tested up to 300 pounds and comes with a five year parts replacement warranty. Each F-Slider is shipped with a complete bonus starter kit including the Vac U Lock adapter, universal dido attachment, 7 inches starter dildo and lube for instant gratificatio

Bonus Dildo Kits included with both Universal and Vacu-U-Lock

Each F-Slider is shipped with a complete bonus starter kit including the Vac U Lock adapter, universal dido attachment, 7 inches starter dildo and lube for instant gratificatio

Heavy Duty Features

  • Made in the USA Heavy Duty Contruction
  • Comfortable Over-sized Chair
  • No Straps, Locks or Pinch Points
  • Vac-u-Lock Adapter Included
  • Bonus Dildo Kit Included
  • 1 year full warranty five year parts warranty

Wholesale Adult Novelty Distributor

Wholesale Adult Novelty Distributor

Are you searching for a new Wholesale Adult Novelty Distributor to support your business?

Over 19,000 items in stock with drop shipment programs available for your needs. We offer the most complete range of Novelty Products:

  • Access to over 19,000 items every day
  • Free E-Learning for your store employees
  • Free WTU Store Builder Web Site Support
Williams Trading Co.

Wholesale Adult Novelty Distributor

Wholesale Adult Novelty Distributor

Williams Trading Co. Celebrating over 40 years in the Adult Novelty Wholesale Business

A Family Company Established to Help Your Adult Novelty Business.

Williams Trading Co. has been a leading Adult Novelty Distributor with over 21,000 in stock items for over 40 years. We are a full line wholesale distributor for all of the branded novelty product lines with complete drop ship and fulfillment capabilities; shipment available six days per week with a 95% fulfillment rate. Our business supports all channels of adult distribution including traditional brick and mortar retailers, chains stores, e-commerce partners, e-bay re-sellers and home party consultants.

We Have the Largest Novelty Assortment Including Exclusive and Brand Product Lines.

We offer a wide assortment of branded novelty manufactures including Pipedream, Nasstoys, Topco, Doc Johnson, Blush Novelties, Cal Exotics, Nu Sensuelle and many more. We are a full stocking galley distributor which allows you to purchase from a one stop solution. In addition to handling every major novelty and lube product line, we offer a full assortment of lubes including Wet, System Jo ID lube and all of the customized specialty lube brands. Williams Trading Co. also offers its own exclusive product line including Garden of Eden, Cloud 9, Monkey Spanker, Pocket Dungeon and many more.

Trouble Free Ordering with Knowledgeable Sales Experts at Your Service Along with Efficient Fast Shipping Daily (6) days a week.

Our efficient distribution center and shipping systems allows us to ship to you in a 1- 4 day shipping window. We pick, pack and ship orders (6) days per week to meet your needs. Our family-run business includes the industry best account reps with long term industry knowledge to guide you on your product selection. You can place wholesale orders 24/7 via e-mail, with a CSV file or an XML File eliminating potential data entry. You can also place orders via fax at 856 662 0029, or call our tool free line at 800 423 8587.

Toll Free #: 1-800-423-8587
Our Local #: 856-662-3344
Sales Dept. : ext. 2

Office fax#: 856-662-8030


Strong Marketing Programs and Sales Promotion’s to Assist Your Business

Williams Trading Co. offers unique wholesale sales every month in each novelty category, including lubes and specialty items. These discounts come to you automatically each month once you become an established Williams Trading Co. dealer. We support our dealer base with custom retail training initiatives from Williams Trading University, point of sale (POS) displays and tester programs for your retail floor. We leverage our 40 years of experience in the industry to help you get maximum sales results.

Home Party Consultants Get Special Attention, From our Knowledgeable Staff

We offer the best in bedroom, bath and lingerie including intimacy gift kits, toys and all natural collections for the home party consultant. You can add some fun to your home party with our complete line of couples games and party favors. Williams Trading Co. offers every line in stock and ready to ship to your Home Party customers. If you are just starting a home party business or an established consultant, we can bring you a broader product line with unique items to grow your home party sales results.

Join the Williams Trading Co. Family-We Go To The Extreme For Our Customers!

Learn about Williams Trading Drop Shipping here:


Don’t want to stock inventory and mess around with shipping? Tired of back orders and slow service with your current drop shipper? You concentrate on building your business and we’ll fill all of your orders quickly and accurately. We offer the best drop shipping program available in the adult industry. You can place individual drop ship orders on our web site or you can upload orders in batches. Orders usually ship within 1 to 2 business days. We ship in plain brown boxes with nothing on them but a shipping label. Your customer will get a packing list with your company name and address on it! We can ship Ground, 2 Day or Overnight with UPS , First Class, Express and Priority Mail is available, and all of our US Mail packages have delivery confirmation numbers. International packages can be shipped by UPS or US Airmail. You are charged for the wholesale cost of the products, the actual shipping charge (i.e. whatever the carrier charges us), plus a small drop ship fee per order (not per item) of $2.25. We don’t personally contact your customer for any reason and they won’t be put on a mailing list.

  • We drop ship right to your customers which eliminates the need for you to have inventory or handle any items.
  • We ship all orders in a discreet box.
  • We put a packing slip in the box, with your company name on the top, disclaimer, return policy, your customer information including items that were shipped and any item on back order.
  • We ship UPS and US Mail for all domestic orders. Also International shipping by UPS and US Mail is available. (International Shipments are your responsibility as soon as we ship the order).
  • We offer overnight and 2 day shipping. We guarantee that priority (overnight & 2 day) orders get out the same day we receive them before 1:00PM EST.
  • We charge you the UPS and US mail rates we are billed. There is also a $2.25 handling fee per box.
  • Computerized shipping and tracking. At 4 pm each working day we transmit all tracking information. You will receive the UPS or US mail shipping cost, tracking number and items on back order of the orders we shipped in the previous 24 hours.
  • All items on backorder are checked daily with shipments received. Our fill rate is over 95% but sometimes cannot control backorder issues.
  • Customer service department that will advise and answer all your questions and concerns about your site and orders.
  • Another great optional feature we offer thru UPS and US Mail is e-mail verification. If your customer provides an e-mail address, UPS or US Mail will send them an e-mail with the tracking # and date shipped. This e-mail comes from UPS and US Mail, says nothing about what is in the package, but just tells them when to expect this package. This feature will reduce your customer service calls and e-mails from your customers wondering where there order is.
  • Daily invoicing and a PDF of your invoice is available.

Bulk orders

Muffs and Cuffs, Inc are owned by Williams Trading Co., an adult distributor that has been in business since 1974. If you decide to not use our drop ship program, we have another choice. Williams Trading has a warehouse of over 70,000 sq ft and inventory of over 19,250 different novelties, and DVD’s. We carry all the major novelty lines and many others also. Williams will ship the items directly to your location for your convenience. Just contact one of our friendly sales people, toll free at 1-800-423-8587 or e-mail at for more information.

About Us

Our internet division and drop ship program is by far the best in the adult industry. As an adult distributor, we won’t compete with you on the internet. We will remain your distributor, selling you the items at wholesale prices. We could create a retail site, reduce prices and take away business from you, but that’s not what we are about.

Muffs & Cuffs has been in business since 1997. We started by drop shipping 25 orders a day for a few websites. We currently drop ship over 9000 orders a week for over 150 different websites and web owners. We have dedicated personnel who process, pick, pack and shipped all the orders, Sunday through Friday.

If you are not satisfied with your present supplier, back orders are excessive or don’t have enough hours in the day to better serve your website business because you drop ship the orders yourself, give us a try. Let us fulfill your orders so you’ll have more time to market your site or give us your back orders, and you will find our service and program to be the best. Once you try our program, you’ll never go back.

General F.A.Q.

Q. Do you have a catalog?
A. We carry so many items from so many different companies we don’t send out catalogs anymore. Also, the web site has all the products, prices, and pictures and descriptions of the products on there, and is much easier to use than a catalog.

Q. How much should I charge for shipping?
A. We have a suggested shipping charge for each product on our web site. You should charge about $8.95 for one product and like $10.95 or more for 2 or more items This will get you close for standard shipping (UPS Ground for multiple item orders and for large items and USPS Priority Mail for small orders). You should add at least $20 for 2nd day shipping and $35 for overnight shipping. You should add at least $50 for international shipping. These prices should cover your drop shipping fee You should tell them that standard shipping will take 1 weeks, express shipping will take 2-4 business days and overnight will take 1-2 business days. International shipping can take several weeks to get there. Here are a few other things to keep in mind: 1) Priority Mail is only cheaper than UPS Ground for small packages

Q. What are the suggested retail prices?
A. You should mark up at least 100% or more Having low prices will not increase your sales, goes by if people find your site.

Q. What is the return policy?Due to the discreet, sensitive and hygienic nature of the products that are distributed we do not accept returns, however, we do have some exceptions such as:

Manufacturer Defectives (must be reported within 30 days)

  • Place a new web order for defective merchandise
  • Please fill out this form with the original order # and the customer’s complaint so we may justify the defect.
  • Once we establish defective product we will credit.
  • After 30 days please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty list.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty list


  • These orders never made it to their destinations, the address was incorrect or the package did not fit the receptacle.
  • We will inspect these returns and if they are viable for resale we will credit.
  • If products are not viable for resale due to damage from shipping errors no credit will be issued as we have to discard the product.
  • Notifications of viable returns will be marked on the website only..
  • On Econ returned/refused orders we are billed by USPS for these returns. You will be rebilled for these shipping charges.
  • It is up to the customer to reship with corrected address or credit their customer
  • If reshipment is returned again there will be a 15% restocking fee added

Wrong Item/Shortages (Must be reported within 48 hours from ROG)

  • If a wrong order or item is received you are to email with the order # and explain the issue.
  • If there were shortages email with the order# and items that were short by product # or description.
  • Once we investigate the order # we will then credit for product or issue a call tag to have the order returned.
  • We will reship the correct items


  • We are not responsible for orders once they have left our warehouse
  • If there is a tracking #, the order has been put on a skid and has left our building
  • If the order does not make it to its destination or is late, customers are responsible for contacting the carrier and filing claim.

Q. Will you ship COD?
A. Yes we ship COD in the US. You have to open a Account with our parent company Williams Trading Company (1800-423-8587 ext 14) or email Until your account is established and we have a credit application that is approved, we cant ship COD.

UPS and US Mail F.A.Q.

Q. What about UPS and US Mail rates?
A. You can go to and enter our zip code (08110). This will give you the absolute latest rates from OUR area. US Mail rates are cheaper, but (close enough to base both shipping methods on the same pricing). US International Air Mail rates are very close to UPS’s international rates.

Q. What about shipment tracking?
A. UPS and US Mail are traceable they all have tracking. UPS is only better because the order is insured for $100.00. When shipping to international destinations. We will not take responsibility for delivery via any method. Occasionally countries will not allow our merchandise into their country. We make every effort to get the merchandise to it’s destination. In some instances it will be impossible to deliver. Depending on the value of the products we may try to bring the order back to us. In most cases, however this is not cost effective. If we do get the merchandise back we will credit you for the merchandise less incoming freight and taxes. If we can’t get it back we will not be held responsible. Please make your customers aware of the risks involved in shipping this merchandise to international destinations.

LELO Price Reduction from Williams Trading Co.

LELO Price Reduction – Make More Money NOW with the #1 Luxury worldwide adult brand

Wholesale Only Order Now

Dear Valued Customer,

It was with great excitement that we announced our exclusive distribution partnership with LELO as one of four Cornerstone Distributors in May this year. We believe LELO continues to be a leading brand in our industry in terms of product innovation and marketing. Since this announcement 4 months ago, we have been working with LELO in the background to ensure a competitive business environment for our retail partners with continued LELO brand integrity.

In continuing to optimize market opportunities, we are pleased to announce a change in the Cornerstone Distribution pricing structure, which will ultimately mean increased margins for you, our customers.

Please see attached price list for full details of product mix and the changes in distribution pricing structure.

Kind Regards,
Williams Trading Co. and LELO Team





New Fall Winter Essentials Catalog from Williams Trading Co.

Get up to date on over 350 New Releases from our growing vendor partners. Check out the new product offering


catalog from our new Brand Partners including Womanizer, SHOTS, UVEE, JeJoue and L’Amourse.



Inspire My October Takes Its Place In The Adult Industry

Inspire My October Takes Its Place In The Adult Industry

inspireEvery October, there is an explosion of pink ribbons as the nation honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer Awareness Month was created in 1985 as a collaborative effort between the American Academy of Family Physicians, AstraZeneca Healthcare Foundation, CancerCare, Inc., and various sponsors. Today it has grown to include a partnership of national public service organizations, government agencies, and professional medical associations that work together to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Historically, the adult industry, brick & mortar retailers in particular, are not encouraged to embrace any type of public support or charitable giving on the retail floor, even related to boobs! This lack of confidence, or rather, acceptance of the adult industry as bona fide charitable donors with the ability to reach large markets has been an unfortunate miss by the mainstream marketplace. The association between adult products and supporting a non-profit organization is like apples and oranges; if anything; mainstream nonprofits preferred a large, empty distance between themselves and the adult industry.

Until now. Because, for the first time ever, the mainstreaming of adult manufacturing includes designs with 100% sexual health & wellness intent. Why? Because sexual health & wellness matters. Fifty two percent of all adult brick & mortar customers are women and breast cancer is the second most common kind of cancer in women. About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point. The good news is that many women can survive breast cancer if it’s found and treated early. A mammogram – the screening test for breast cancer – can help find breast cancer early when it’s easier to treat. (

inp-1Breast cancer impacts all women. And, it impacts our quality of life. It has an effect on our overall health and wellness and directly contributes to self-image and confidence. It helps to shape how we view and enjoy intimacy, affecting our relationships and families. In short, women’s sexual health impacts every part of a woman’s life. It’s inextricably linked to our well-being in every way. Despite this, most healthcare providers receive very little training when it comes to sexuality, and even less in the area of female sexual health. So where do they go seeking information and advice? The adult retailer.

We’ve all seen sex toys, lubes and lotions creep onto mainstream e-commerce websites over the past decade. It’s common for online shoppers to get a little titter of excitement and a nervous giggle escapes when they scroll through the product description. But, adult products like lubes, vibrators and cock rings have never been given any mainstream cred other than allowing for orgasm or instant gratification, until now.

inp2Manufacturing adult products is a 15 billion dollar industry (and growing) with an average of 22,000 products circulating on adult store shelves. And, as the marketing and vendor liaison for Williams Trading Co., one of the largest adult distributors in the US, Erin Viereck gets to view them all. “In recent years, terms like “health and wellness” and “all-natural ingredients” have been used more and more in connection with sex toys,” says Viereck. “Sexual wellness is increasingly recognized as an important part of a person’s overall health — and that is absolutely reflected in the sex toy market.” In fact, at the retail chain Fascinations headquartered in Tempe, Ariz., buyer Keri Birchby says the company is focusing on the growth of their health and wellness categories. That includes active wear, supplements and the most up-to-date products for improving sexual health. (, 2015)

So if adult retailers are growing their sexual health and wellness real estate on the retail floor, are mainstream health and wellness nonprofits growing their acceptance of partnering with the adult industry? They are now.

In 1991, a small group of women living in Philadelphia led by Dr. Marisa Weiss sought out information designed to help them after completing primary treatment for breast cancer only to realize that existing resources were either inadequate or not available at all. To address this, they created a place where women in similar situations could connect with each other to share accurate and easy-to-understand information in a supportive and caring environment. Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) was founded.

Since then, LBBC experienced tremendous growth with a reach that now extends far beyond “The City of Brotherly Love” and into every state of the country while connecting over 500,000 people a year to trusted breast cancer information and a community of support.

LBBC recognized the disconnect between the effects of breast cancer treatment on a woman’s intimate relationships and the treasure trove of information the adult industry has on improving one’s intimacy. According to LBBC CEO Jean Sachs, “Various types of breast cancer treatment (chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, hormonal therapy) can affect a woman’s sexual wellness.
Many factors can come together to reduce sexual desire, including fatigue, menopausal symptoms, pain during sexual activity, decreased ability to achieve arousal and lubrication and breast cancer itself.” LBBC was approached by CalExotics, the largest woman-owned global manufacturer of adult products that led to the creation of the Inspire line of products.

The Inspire collection has nine styles — two Kegel exercisers, two wands, two arousers, a dilator kit, a panty teaser and breast massager. All Inspire products are waterproof and made of premium silicone that is body safe, unscented and phthalate-free. The powered items in Inspire feature 10 functions of vibration and are USB rechargeable. Each product offers unique benefits to women in the form of sexual health and sexual satisfaction. Sexual health is a large component of women’s overall health and is vital for overall well-being. Inspire products are designed to help improve vaginal strength, decrease physical discomfort during intercourse, help strengthen pelvic floor muscles, increase sexual stimulation and frequency of orgasms.

“As a distributor, we watch the trends, review the products and listen to the back stories to determine the best placement, best marketing strategy and best fit for the adult retailer,” says Viereck. “The newly created partnership between CalExotics and LBBC combined with the growing sexual health & wellness trend in both mainstream and adult manufacturing has the makings of an industry game changer. That’s how we came up with Inspire My October – the first-ever opportunity for the adult industry to publicly support a mainstream non-profit organization that embraces the adult retail community.”

Williams Trading Company is taking the lead promoting this new adult/mainstream partnership with the creation of Inspire My October – an opportunity for the adult retailer to proudly participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Full support from August to October is available to help adult retailers take advantage of this selling opportunity while supporting a great cause.

During the month of August, only Williams Trading has the exclusive release of two new Inspire items, the Gyrating Wand and the Vibrating Tulip Wand. The Gyrating Wand offers soothing massage that is a gateway to advanced pleasure exploration and plays a critical role in stress relief and relaxation. The Vibrating Tulip Wand may promote vaginal health by increasing blood flow and sexual stimulation. Its flexing and bending design is perfect for intimate exploration, plus, the bulbous tip is designed for beginner Kegel exercise.

In September, Williams Trading Co is hosting an Inspire My October in store merchandising contest. Retailers are encouraged to send in pictures of their Breast Cancer Awareness support using all the tools provided to them. The winning store will receive a gift basket of Cal Exotics products for all store employees.
“We want our adult retailers to go full-on pink during October so we’ve provided the tools and material they’ll need to be successful,” says Viereck. “When retailers load up on the Inspire line, they can receive free LBBC T-Shirts for staff, LBBC swag and educational material relating to breast cancer support and sexual health. And, CalExotics is offering free pink bullets as an Inspire gift with purchase.”
Also in September, Williams Trading University (WTU), Williams Trading’s award-winning e-Learning program is releasing a free training module on the entire Inspire line of products. Retailers can learn how to talk about each feature and function that is intended to improve a woman’s sexual health and wellness. “This free online course will give our retailers the correct information to have important conversations on the retail floor that increase their sales.” says Viereck.
“Any retailer who participates in Inspire My October is invited to submit their photos and inspirational stories to Living Beyond Breast Cancer,” says Christina Meehan, development projects coordinator at Living Beyond Breast Cancer.
“During the month of October, Williams Trading is preparing an Inspire My October promotional blitz,” says Scott Dantis, director of sales & marketing. “Our sales team will collect photos and stories to share with all of you. Our website, will turn pink for that month and we encourage our adult industry partners to do the same.”

“Cal Exotics donates a portion of the net profit generated from Inspire sales,” says Josh LeDuff, CalExotics marketing director. “The more retailers who participate, the more support we can give our friends and family affected by breast cancer. This is such a win-win for our industry and for the nonprofit sector.”

To participate in Inspire My October; contact your Williams sales representative at 800-423-8587 or To learn about the Inspire line of products, visit

The Shiney Hiney on the Ellen Show

Ellen and co-host Kristen Bell shared a product with the audience that dares to go where no cleaning product has gone before.
My Shiney Hiney Cleansing Brush Set Soft Lavender. With four great colors to choose from, the original My Shiney Hiney brush set is the perfect tool for your personal hygiene needs. With soft or medium bristles attached to an ergonomically designed curved applicator brush, the My Shiney Hiney allows for easy accessibility to your most hard to reach personal places. The My Shiney Hiney brush set comes with applicator brush, three medium bristle replaceable brush heads, a suction cup shower holder and the finger brush for an even more intimate cleanse.





Frequently Asked Questions
Product Related Questions

What is the My Shiney Hiney®?
With six great colors to choose from, the original My Shiney Hiney® brush set is the perfect tool for your personal hygiene needs. With soft or medium bristles attached to an ergonomically designed curved applicator brush, the My Shiney Hiney® allows for easy accessibility to your most hard to reach personal places.

What is included in the My Shiney Hiney® Complete Kit?
The My Shiney Hiney® brush set comes with applicator brush, three medium bristle replaceable brush heads, a suction cup shower holder and the finger brush for an even more intimate cleanse. Plus you’ll receive a cleansing cream in your choice of fragrance ABSOLUTELY FREE!

How much does My Shiney Hiney® cost?
$19.99 plus $4.99 p/h

Does My Shiney Hiney® really work?
Yes! Its plain to see how My Shiney Hiney© brush set works, but the proof is in the refreshing cleanse after using it! Don’t believe us? Check out what other have to say about their experience with My Shiney Hiney® at or!

What does the cleansing cream do?
The My Shiney Hiney® Cleansing Cream removes odor and impurities while also conditioning skin with moisture from its rich enriching formula.

Do I have to use the cleansing cream?
We suggest using the My Shiney Hiney® Cleansing Cream with the My Shiney Hiney® Brush Set for the most desirable results. However, should you choose to use the cleansing cream or brush set separately, each will yield a clean and fresh effect.

What does the lightening cream do?
The My Shiney Hiney® Lightening Cream is blended with enhanced ingredients for a more glorious, dazzling and balanced complexion. My Shiney Hiney© Lightening Cream can be applied to lighten dark skin.

• Fades dark skin for a more even skin tone
• Moisturizers condition the skin, leaving it soft and smooth
• Blended with soothing and gentle ingredients to leave skin calm

Do I have to use the lightening cream?
We suggest using the My Shiney Hiney® lightening Cream with the My Shiney Hiney® Complete Kit for the most comprehensive results. However, should you choose to use the lightening cream individually, the My Shiney Hiney® lightening Cream will lighten dark skin.

How often can I use the lightening cream?
For best results, apply 1-2 times per day on clean, dry, hairless skin.

How long do the brushes last?
The longevity of the My Shiney Hiney® Brush Heads depends on frequency of use and/or rigorousness of washing. Compare brush head replacements to that of use of a toothbrush. Replace as you see fit but typically once the bristle begin to misshape or thin.

How should I store the My Shiney Hiney® Brush?
Storing the My Shiney Hiney® Brush is important and easy thanks to the suction cup shower holder. By placing your My Shiney Hiney® Brush in the shower holder, you’re letting gravity do its job. Storing your My Shiney Hiney® Brush upright will allow the water to drain away from the head of the brush.

You want the brush to air dry thoroughly. Make sure the My Shiney Hiney® Brush has access to good air circulation, and doesn’t suffocate in small drawers or cabinets when not in use.

Are there differences in the cleansing creams?
All the cleansing creams have the same benefits and features of the quality ingredients they are formulated with. The differences between the three cleansing creams are the unique scents each offer.

Lemon Verbena: All natural extract of verbena aids in calming skin; orange, geranium and lemon tree essential oils leave a delicious and fresh aroma.
Citrus Ginger: Citrus and ginger are infused into the conditioning cream to create a relaxing and soothing effect as well as leaving a clean and fresh aroma.
Passion Fruit: This vibrant and juicy fragrance features a tropical passion fruit. The sexy pairing of conditioning cleansing cream and exotic scents is like a tropical escape for your hiney.

Does the My Shiney Hiney® work for women or men?
The My Shiney Hiney® is designed for use of both men and women alike. With two different types of brushes available, choosing between soft or medium bristles is a personal preference.

How does My Shiney Hiney® compare to other home cleansing and whitening systems?
My Shiney Hiney® is the only home cleansing kit that is guaranteed to give you an effective and refreshing clean. The ergonomically designed curved applicator is the only brush on the market that allows for easy accessibility to your most hard to reach personal places.