Southern Butter Training on all Natural Lubricants

April, from Sierra Sage educates the Williams Trading staff on the new Southern Butter Product Line.

From a product standpoint, Sierra Sage is fundamentally different from other salve companies. We always use carefully selected organic herbs that are grown in our gardens or sourced from other local farmers, and/or consciously wild crafted when possible. All of our oils are organic.

Building on the foundation of our ingredients, our defining characteristic is our infusion process. We work to extract all of the medicinal value from the herbs through a lengthy and potent extraction, making our formulas highly concentrated and rich in healing properties.

The efficacy of our products is our number one goal. Our recipes are designed to complement the bodies natural systems and cellular make-up. Our salves are unique and one of a kind, taking the next step in healing and restoring your skin.


2 thoughts on “Southern Butter Training on all Natural Lubricants

  1. Great Idea for the vendor training video !! It is good for all companies with a retail product in any industry. Is this geared towards brokers, sales reps, stores ? And what contact do you have with the target audience to get them to know it is available to watch ?

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