“Tools for Wellness Don’t End at the Gym…..but they can Start in the Bedroom”

“Tools for Wellness Don’t End at the Gym…..but they can Start in the Bedroom”

Often times when we think of Health and Wellness plans, the first things we think of are going to the gym so many days per week, taking our vitamins, avoiding trans fats and maybe a smoothie here and now again. But rarely do you hear about adding the bedroom…….or the couch, or the shower, or the laundry room J to that list. Why not? Not to over-play the “Fifty Shades of Grey” adventure, but this was one of first times I felt that it was acknowledged how important our physical health is, as it relates to experiencing hot sex. Of course he was a bit controlling in his efforts, but hey- that was the nature of their relationship right?!  That being said, you can start embarking on your efforts to doing a few extra push-ups at the gym, or skipping the fast food, but it’s not just what you are ingesting. Have you ever thought about what you are absorbing? We are learning more and more about the chemicals and additives that are being added to our body-care products and lubricants. Rule of thumb; if you can’t eat it, you probably shouldn’t put it on your skin! Our skin is a wonderful barrier, but it was also designed to be a transporter, and what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body. It can have the same benefits, or damages as what we ingest. And we all know now, that what we eat affects how we feel. Well, same notion applies externally; what we put ON our bodies affects how we feel. In addition to that, why not enhance the positive effects of our body-care products and lubricants? Essential oils can have a profound effect on our sensory system. By instigating some sensory reaction, we can heighten the sexual experience naturally. They call it intimacy for a reason. Get intimate with your senses. The best transports for crossing the semi-permeable membranes of our skin are clean oils, with no petrochemicals to interfere with the medicinal qualities that should penetrate the skin. Okay, before I lose your attention with some scientific explanations on skin care and how our skin works, let me leave you with this one thing to remember……..taking care of your body, inside and out, will enhance your sexual experience. Fact. Using products that are full of chemicals and fillers will over time cause cells and tissues to break down, making you less healthy. Fact. So when you start the New Year with your workout plan, don’t forget the bedroom. You will be better for it, and may I add that it might be more fun than the gym too!!

“Tools for Wellness Don’t End at the Gym…..but they can Start in the Bedroom”

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