Southern Butter by Sierra Sage, a family following their Path

Southern Butter by Sierra Sage, a family following their Path

sierra sageSo when I was in the 8th grade, my sister in the 6th, going to Catholic school, and my mom decided it was important to start a sex education class for the school…..can you say TOTALLY embarrassing? Parents were in uproar and to this day when Facebook friends find me, its inevitable nostalgic moment to laugh about how mad their parents were that SEX was being taught and how their parents didn’t want them hanging around me. Didn’t help my reputation when the nuns caught us with dirty Mad Libs and although they weren’t mine, because MY mom was the sex education teacher, they must be. Or when another girl decorated the bathroom with condoms, I just took one for the team and took the blame. My reputation was already tarnished. As life should have it, my sister became a midwife and me a MS in Health Psychology, premed, both with a mission to educate and help.

We also grew up in the military and moved A LOT. Every move there was a large box in the back of the car next to the plants with household products that the movers could not take because they were flammable, all mostly my mother’s cosmetics. It stumped us every time, “flammable?!”. Why would you put flammable products on your body? To the innocent, the absurdity is more transparent. Not to mention, half the time we saw products from the last move that looked like they had never been touched. Why are we taking these products with us AGAIN, do you even use them? The answer always the same, “Petroleum is flammable”, gross and “I might use them one day, so I don’t want to throw them away”. We thought to ourselves, when we grow up, we will never do that! The trajectory always the same, of course we did.

Sierra Sage was originally driven by a need for products that we couldn’t find or trust. Our Green Goo is the alternative for Neosporin and our Southern Butter Fragrance Free an alternative to Vaseline. We are mother, daughter, sister owned. We have removed the petroleum and flammable from the equation, and our hope is that our products have more purpose than one. Rather than having 20 products that each do one thing, how about one product that has 20 purposes? We don’t want our products collecting dust or making it for the next move. Our products have purpose, and our hope is that they may reach all generations and many aspects within your home that you can trust. Our mother is a master gardener, and sister is an organic farmer and herbalist, all 3 of us with degrees in Biology. We have a passion for bringing nature, pure and simple, into our lines with an intention for you. No fillers for the heck of it. Every ingredient has a purpose.

We hope our products not only raise your awareness but raise the bar for all companies to bring you only the best and safest products!! Cheers!

Jodi Scott Southern Butter by Sierra Sage


Sierra Sage is a mother-daughter owned business. Sierra Sage came to our family through the youngest daughter Jenny, our herbalist and formulator, an organic farmer and backyard beekeeper. She is also a Certified Professional Midwife and Permaculturist. Jodi, a business woman with an M.A. in Health Psychology and a background in western medicine, has a passion for cleaner and more effective body care products. Kathy, a biologist, mother, and teacher, has a passion to making a difference in the world and working with her daughters.

Together, we move forward with a deep commitment to making conscious and pure products safe for you, your family, and the environment while making a positive footprint on the planet. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


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