The Rebirth of a New Era

This movement of natural products isn’t new news, is really about bringing back the old school! Salves and concentrated herbal emollients are the original body care products. Once upon a time ago, these were the only moisturizers we had. It was not until the industrial revolution that lotions and fillers truly hit the market. It was about that time manufactures starting creating products that had more “bank for the buck” by including inexpensive, man-made fillers rather than the traditional ingredients found naturally that were more costly and had a shorter shelf life. During that time, it could take years before a product made it to the shelves, so the extra preservatives were a must!! Now, thanks to modern technology and the development of our transportation system, products can reach the consumer in a matter of days from its creation. We also are more educated and knowledgeable regarding the harmful side effects, to us and the environment. As well, we know the science of our bodies and that by using pure products we enhance our beauty and health naturally. We don’t need the fillers! So with that, let’s bring back the old, and make it the new.


Jodi Scott Southern Butter by Sierra Sage

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