Sex Toys are Better Than Chocolate

Tantus Tsunami Vibe

I love chocolate, but I love sex toys more! And as a Sex Educator, I can say wholeheartedly that sex toys are much more than just vibrating doo-dads. There is a deeper value in these pleasure products.

  • Sex toys help you become more conscious in your body. That can be a hard thing to do if you live a fast paced life.
  • Sex toys can teach you things about your body and your lover’s body. For example the Tantus Tsunami Vibe, named for it’s G-spot massaging, squirt inducing, pleasure producing power can help you discover all sorts of possibilities with her your body.
  • Sex toys can help us orgasm faster and in situations where time is if the essence.
  • Sex toys can bring more intensity and connectivity in to your play. For example, the Tantus Vibrating C-Ring is the perfect toy to give him a thumping, engorged erection and her the vibration she craves. Ideal when she’s on top!
  • Sex toys inspire conversations. They give us chances to talk with our lover about what works for us.
  • Sex toys inspire creativity. I love to look at a toy and think about how many ways one might be able to use it on your own body or on your lover’s body. A Tantus Kiss Vibe can be used on her clit, his frenulum, and anyone’s perineum or nipples. Use it during intercourse, oral sex, through your clothes… the possibilities become endless!

Sex toys are awesome gifts, for Valentines Day or any day. They help us bond. They give us pleasure. And with the safe for the body, hypoallergetic, non-toxic, 100% Ultra-Premium silicone options Tantus gives us, you can’t go wrong. Don’t believe me? Take the object of your love (or lust) to the nearest sex shop and see for yourself.


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