The Pocket Dungeon

My name is Ming I am and artist, inventor and erotic adventurer. As an erotic adventurer I made the Pocket Dungeon for myself because I was traveling a lot, and half of the weight of my luggage were just my kink essentials, cuffs, blindfold, canes floggers, rope ect… I decided to make a light weight and compact travel kit, With the goal being as versatile and compact as it could possibly be and if possible weighing in at under a pound….I started by thinking to myself what I wanted the kit to include I spent days in deep thought about all the things I like to have with me for a good SM scene.

What is a good SM scene?. A good SM scene uses the body’s own pharmacopeia of endorphins, such as dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and oxytocin to create a euphoric state of being. A good SM scene is one where one person is decidedly the “Top”, or is “Dominant”, and the other person is decidedly the “Bottom” or a “Submissive.” Surprisingly there is a science to what arouses us and why, and many BDSM players have learned how to use this information to push the boundaries beyond what we know to be pleasurable with their partner.

Trust: It is important to negotiate what you do and do not want to do. Talk about hard (not flexible) and soft limits (somewhat flexible)  a head of time, to create parameters of what will be safe and enjoyable to both people.

Safewords: The bottom can best relax if deep down she knows that if she says a word in code that the top will stop. We recommend Red, Yellow and Green as a way to engage with each other without either person needing to step out of their roles. Red means stop right now. Yellow means proceed with caution and green means “This is rocking my world!”. The top must stop at red or trust will be broken and future play will likely be off the table. Agree to this ahead of time.

Role play: Naughty nurse, Strict school teacher, or Dominant, any person of authority that pushes the buttons of your lover. Remember that by being in “roles”, you permission each other to explore more freely.

Sensations: Sensations are the gate keeper of the euphoric states of the mind, hard, soft, stingy, thuddy, pain, pleasure it is all just sensations, and when they are delivered by someone you trust you can transform pain into a door way that opens to new horizons in erotic pleasure.

Intimacy Unlike what you see in porn most Dominants are very  loving, and hyper- aware that the submissive is trusting them and not wanting to break that trust. Also from a science perspective you want the experience to be a pleasurable on for the submissive, and this can include soft petting to amp up the serotonin release, and stimulation of the genitals to keep the sub in a heightened state of arousal which makes her able to withstand torment longer and enjoy it more. PD Intel: Being cold and cruel will not achieve the desired effect of extreme arousal for most players.

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