New Minna Vibe- Fresh Squeezed Fun

Williams Trading Co. announces it is now carrying the OLA and LIMON vibes from Minnalife. The manufacturer exclusively known for its patented Squeeze-Pillow technology has opened up distribution with the veteran company. The sleek, premium tube packaging is attractive for boutiques and sophisticated retail spaces worldwide.

minnaAside from the unique, squeezing mechanism which enables the user to control the intensity, both vibes share many of the same, notable characteristics and features; fully customizable vibration patterns, back-lit icon illumination, they are waterproof (fully submersible) and body safe. Both toys are crafted with Dow-Corning Class VI; widely considered the highest quality in the industry, and commonly used for medical implants. Both items also come fully charged upon purchase and are complete with a magnetic docking station and USB connector.

While the Ola and Limon are similarly multifaceted, they are distinct in their design and inception. The Ola was launched two years ago, and developed by a team of graduate engineers from the prestigious Stanford University. Its shape is excellent for g-spot stimulation, which makes it a natural candidate for an innovative female toy, and yet its ease-of-use squeezing positions also make the Ola perfect for couples play.

The Ola has already received recognition from the adult novelty industry by racking up several top international design awards including the Spark Award, Fleshbot Award, IDEA Award™ and others.

The Limon, on the other hand, is designed specifically for clitoral stimulation but is also being hailed as a versatile toy; running the spectrum of intensity from a strong, broad vibrating strength band to the slowest-vibrating product of its class. The Rumble-Motor technology is the feature that allows precisely for maximum strength and speed.

Each vibe comes in two colors; pink and purple for the Ola and pink and teal for the Limon. Williams Trading also plans to support its customers with new acrylic state-of-the- art POS materials and displays for the high-end vibes. Visit or contact your Sales Expert for more information on Minnalife’s Ola and Limon.

Williams Trading Co. is a full line Adult Wholesale Distributor with over 40 years of excellence in the industry, carrying over 20,000 different items; with new products added weekly. Check out for its simple and effective online ordering system, backed by a knowledgeable sales staff. Over the years the company has expanded to offering direct drop-shipping services for online retailers, with the launch of

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