It’s easy to get overwhelmed when looking at the array of sex toys available on the market, but here at Tantus we design toys with care. Every design element has been created with the intentions of driving sensation and orgasms. Here’s our guild to exploring just a few of the anal toys we have in our line.

1. Ease of entry.

If you are new to anal play, go for something small, like the Little Flirt or Ripple Small. Or if you want some size but still prefer ease of entry, try the Neo with its super tapered tip.

2. Plug & Play

Consider trying an anal toy with a very tight night, like the Juice, Ace Small or Flirt. The neck of a plug is the portion, just before the flared base. When the neck of the toy is indented, as you insert the toy it will almost pop into place and stay there, nice and snug. This means it will not pop out or require a hand to hold it in place. Then you are free to play in other ways while your butt plug holds its ground.

3. Friction

Another worthy sensation to try is that of friction, a little bit of in-and-out play. Penetrative play of this nature may be more difficult for someone new to anal play, or a person may need some proper warming up before they can relax into anal intercourse. For warm up play, try a Silk Small with no taper or tight night, it moves so smoothly in and out of the body. Take it up a notch by using a curved toy, like the Compact or Acute. And you might try adding some texture to your play by using a toy like the Splish, Splash or Purr.

4.Vibration? Or Not?
Everyone responds differently to vibration. Play and explore to find out how vibration affects your response. Try holding a toy up against the outside of the orifice. This is intended to help you relax, however others may find it makes their muscles tense up. You may prefer inserting the toy, allowing the muscles to relax for a few moments and then initiating the vibrating functions. The B-Bomb is the perfect toy for vibration play.

5. Pressure Points

For a person of any gender, using a curved butt toy can cause totally unique sensations. You want to reach for your prostate or G-spot, so point the curve towards your navel. The more sexually excited you are when you begin reaching for these spots, the more responsive they will be. It may be enough to just insert your toy and leave it in place, or try rocking your hips or tugging on the toy to cause short, fast little strokes. I recommend the ProTouch, P Spot or G Force when seeking out these hot spots.

6. Expanding Your Play

Slowly stretching and pushing you muscles can be very exciting for some people. When done with care, this kind of play brings lots of healthy circulation into the anal muscles. If you like to push your body with bigger toys, try Buck, Hoss or our new, super soft, super sexy Amsterdam.

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