My Diletto Sex Chair now available from Williams Trading Co.

The My Diletto sex chair provides you with the sensations of sexual penetration that would normally require a partner.



 The My Diletto sex chair provides you with the sensations of sexual penetration that would normally require a partner. Attach your favorite dildo to your My Diletto sex chair, add your favorite lubricant and enjoy private moments of uninterrupted pleasure, when and how you want it. With the My Diletto self-pleasuring chair you can play by yourself or as a couple. Make your riding experience as memorable as your imagination can take you.

The My Diletto uses your natural body movement to provide stimulation in a comfortable seated position. Ride your My Diletto chair at a pace that will satisfy you. You are in control of each and every thrust—satisfy your needs and urges exactly as you know how. You are your only limitation.

My Diletto is collapsible to a 6” height, to allow for under the bed or in the closet storage and privacy. The chair folds out and locks into place in two seconds. It’s compact, portable and works without electricity. There are no straps, no locks or pinch points and you don’t need to worry about running out of batteries.


  • To open or fold chair pull seat out.
  • Attach your vacuum-lock style dildo to the base.
  • Apply your favorite lubricant.
  • Ease yourself onto the dong before you sit.
  • Enjoy your My Diletto with the simple forward
    or backward movement of your hips.

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The sleek design easily accommodates any riding position. Simply sit forward or backwards and the seat moves back and forth—up to 3”. The movement of the hips in a forward and backward motion will insert the dildo at an accelerated rate up to 8” in response to the rhythm of your own body motion.

Frequently Asked Questions About My Diletto

  •  What attachments come with My Diletto? My Diletto comes with two dildos, one for vaginal use, and one for anal use.
  • Can I use my own favorite dildo with My Diletto? Yes, any vac-u-lock or suction cup      style dildo will work, or any Doc Johnson dildo.
  • Can a couple use My Diletto? My Diletto has no limits – only the limits of your imagination! The seat is large enough for two, and both can enjoy the pleasure of sexual penetration, either vaginal or anal.
  • Is My Diletto sturdy? How much weight will it hold? My Diletto has been constructed of high quality steel and other high quality durable materials. It has been tested up to 300 lbs.
  • How do I store My Diletto? My Diletto is easily stored under the bed or in a closet. It collapses to approximately 5-6” and slips into a small space out of sight when you aren’t using it.
  •  Does My Diletto come in any colors? No, currently My Diletto is only available in black.
  •  How do I assemble My Diletto? My Diletto is shipped fully assembled. You just take it out of the box and begin using it! It does not need batteries or to be plugged in.


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