Pocket Dungeon: Pick Up play that packs a punch.

Pocket Dungeon: Take Your Bondage Session on the Road this summer .

thepocketdungeonkitopenPocket Dungeon is all your scene essentials in a beautiful, high quality, lockable, Napa leather case weighing about a pound. It truly is a whole toy bag you put in your pocket. Pocket Dungeon has several patented innovations but the one that stands out the most would have to be the Benyi Jou. This is a stainless steel telescoping pole, that goes from 7 inches to 26 inches. A travel cane that is not only pocket friendly, but can be configured to offer 4 unique and different sensations, as a cane.

PD MiongThe originator, Ming, a self-professed queer, quirky, erotic adventurer, also created an attachment system for multiple attachments. Having a Riding Crop, Whip, Cane, a Ball Chain Flogger and a Leather Flogger, using less space than a pencil case makes this toy truly a perfect traveling companion for the erotic adventurer.


Ming says “ I love pick up play and travel a lot, so I made this kit for myself, and I packed everything I would need for some fun S/M play on the go. My sexuality is intrinsically linked to my kink so I needed my toys to always be with me. Hotels, bars, motorcycle rides out in nature, I wanted to have everything I needed in one compact, sexy as hell, leather case.”

Besides the Benyi Jou, the kit contains a Kubaton great for thuddy punching that also has a round end for pressure point play. And if you love the sensations then you will love the 5 stainless steel claws and the secret safety knife.

This kit is literally jam Packed, with 2 door jams (attachment points for any door), and 2 wrist cuffs, and a leather, a no pressure on the eyes, black-out blindfold, 2 nipple clamps, 2 heavy padlocks either used for the cuffs or as for weights on the nipple clamps.
And that is not all, there is also 24ft of paracord, 2 carabineers, 2 flashlights, and a Bandana which has lots of creative uses including Flag, Gag and Clean-up Rag. The inner pouch also has empty side pockets that happily fit a few condoms and packets of lube and a pair of rubber gloves.
Pocket Dungeon is great for the new kinkster too, because it includes a photo booklet and a link to tutorial videos, describing all of the toys, and how to use them safely, and offers fun lessons on new techniques like “Electric raindrops”, “Full metal paintbrush” and “Angels on Rollerskates”


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