Divine 9 with Carragel Now In Stock for Immediate Shipment

Divine 9® is a water based moisturizer gel containing Carragel®, our proprietary blend of seaweed extracts. Customers love how it feels on their skin. Divine 9 with Carragel is hypoallergenic and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean.


Now available from Williams Trading Co,the next big innovation in personal lubrication is here. Divine 9 improves on its basic water-based formula with the power of carragel, which is derived from carrageenan and other natural plant extract

d2Learn more about this special lube Stephanie and Dean, founders of Divine Corporation, talk about the pleasure and the protection aspects of Divine 9 sex lubes with Carragel. You will learn why Divine 9’s unique seaweed extract called Carragel makes Divine 9 so fun to use but also may have medical benefits. Their special guest is Dr. Michael Swor. Dr. Swor is a highly credentialed OB/GYN. He explains why Divine 9 is good for his patients and also explains the dangers of HPV. The video explains the government-sponsored research underway to determine if Divine 9 can block the transmission of HPV. HPV causes cervical, anal, throat and penal cancers and the ability to block its transmission with a lubricant has never been studied anywhere in the world — until now.

CarraShield Labs Has Developed

Divine 9 Moisturizer using Carragel

d3 Divine 9 is a water-based moisturizer gel perfectly formulated for a smooth and intimate touch. Allow yourself to indulge in more exciting and intense pleasure while enjoying peace of mind from unparalleled protection from skin irritation. Divine 9 uses Carragel®, a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts from the sea.

 Physicians and customers agree that Divine 9 with Carragel moisturizes the skn and protects from minor skin irritation.

 CarraShield Labs is working with research teams to develop other products using Carragel.  Watch for future announcements

In Store Merchandising with a counter display rack, contact our sales reps to order the display rack for Divine 9 Personal Lubricant


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