Welcome to the World’s Smallest Dungeon

Welcome to the world’s smallest dungeon.

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Seriously. This is it. It’s not a joke. It’s not a toy. The contents of this one-pound box contain 27 items that can be used 1,000 different ways.

Ming Destiny is the creator of the Pocket Dungeon. She lives in Maui and has been in the kink lifestyle for about 25 years.

“There isn’t a lot of BDSM education in Maui, so I travel to conferences and bring back and share what I learn,” she says. “I’ve been to about 50 conferences. But I was packing about 25 pounds of gear in my checked baggage, which is half of the 50-pound limit the airlines allow. I made a challenge to myself to get all my toys down to one pound.”

She started with a sunglass-sized leather case that contained your core scene essentials.

A quality blindfold was the first and most essential item that she added to the kit. “A blindfold is essential,” she says. “With a blindfold, you establish trust early. You heighten the senses and you heighten the anticipation of the unknown. But quality is important. I wanted deep eye pockets, making it comfortable for people who wear contacts, make up or have long lashes.”

Cuffs are essential, too. The Pocket Dungeon contains two leather cuffs that attach to either the quick release carabineers or the heavy duty padlocks in the kit. These are also designed to work with the door jams, leather straps with D-rings that are slipped over the top of a closed door to create a quick St. Andrew’s cross.

To get so many items into something so pocket friendly, most of the items in the kit have to do at least double duty. The bandana in the kit serves as a gag and a cleanup rag. The kubaton, a martial arts weapon, also has a rounded edge for pressure point play. With just a little twist there is a safety knife inside that has a dull side that’s great for sensation play.

There’s enough rope to be used for CBT, a strap-on harness, a chest harness, or breast bondage. There’s also a set of finger claws for sensation play and a set of nipple clamps. Attach the padlocks on the bottom of the clamps, and voila … instant weights. One of the padlocks can also be used to lock up your Pocket Dungeon.

“You lock it up, slip it in a drawer, and your kids can’t get into it,” Ming says.

But by far the most versatile piece in the Pocket Dungeon is the Benyi Jou.

Never heard of it? It’s because Ming has the patent to this unique tool on the BDSM toy landscape.

The Benyi Jou, is a retractable telescoping set of steel poles that is easily used as a cane. When it is extended, the combination of the length and the narrow end can deliver a lovely sensual sting. Slide the segments in to each other and you can play with heavier and thuddier sensations. This is at least four canes in one.

When collapsed The Benyi Jou becomes a handle for all sorts or mischievous play. Attachments include a riding crop, chain tickler, leather flogger and a light snappy sensation leather fall and cracker attachment that makes for a very workable, powerful and portable whip.

“I thought it was important to keep things versatile so you can easily change up play to keep things interesting for both the Dominant and submissive,” Ming says.

Creating the Pocket Dungeon has been four years in the making. Word-of-mouth demand for the Pocket Dungeon spurred it into production. When Ming launched a $5,000 Indiegogo campaign last summer, she collected almost $10,000. She brought a prototype to a trade show. Williams Trading Co.picked it up as an exclusive distributor.

“The Pocket Dungeon is a great example of mainstream meets innovation.” says Scott Dantis, director of sales and marketing for Williams Trading. “S&M was once considered the dark side of sex. Such a misconception! S&M is the use of physical stimulation to increase endorphin production in the brain to heighten a person’s arousal and ultimately their orgasm. All of the dungeon toys a person would use for physical stimulation are now available in a discreet leather carrying case that’s perfect for travel or enjoyment on the go. We are pleased to work directly with Ming and Michael, the inventors of the Pocket Dungeon, and applaud their creativity to bring this kit to the BDSM market.”

The Pocket Dungeon created quite a stir. People loved the kit, but soon Ming and Williams Trading found they were inundated with requests to buy some of the items separately.

The even smaller Mini Benyi offers the key components of the Pocket Dungeon at a pocketbook-friendly price that has the deep pocket, leather blindfold, Benyi Jou, chain tickler, leather flogger and the whip attachment all in an even smaller pencil case size.

Look for the Pocket Dungeon and Mini Benyi at a sex toy store or online retailer soon.

AGWDM WT pocket dungeon banner 250This article is brought to you by Williams Trading Co. All opinions and information are genuinely my own.

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