Bubble Love now Available from Williams Trading Co.


Bubble Love is the first submersible, hand held bubble jet, ergonomically engineered product that is incredibly intuitive to use and allows women to control the intensity of the massage they want to receive.

The Bubble Love can work in water depths from 6” to 28” inches. (Required deepwater float included.)

testimonial-rightsideBubble Love is a personal pleasure jet able to deliver millions of tiny pulsating bubbles to the “right spot” to stimulate, titillate, and push her over the top…repeatedly. This is more than just another bubble bath. Much more.

Every woman who has used Bubble Love achieved orgasms and did it faster than with the typical vibrator

t’s always Bubble Love Time for women who love water and are seeking adventure in the bath. It’s new. It’s sexy. And it is definitely fun.

The Bubble Love is easy to use and can be left in plain sight. This is the kind of sex toy you will be happy to keep…and recommend. The optional Dilly™ attachment is for those who like dual stimulation.


Bubble Love uses a submersed portable hydro jet with water and air delivery for non-mechanical massage. A hose-driven, handheld, water-only spray simply can’t compete with Bubble Love’s water and air combination.

The mechanical vibration generated by traditional vibrators effect stimulation by direct skin contact. Repetitive sessions should never be uncomfortable with Bubble Love as they can be with traditional mechanical stimulation, For extra stimulation in a deep tub, simply squeeze the silicone air tube to create a pulsing sensation like nothing else you’ve felt before!

The Bubble Love unit is fully adjustable with a handle-mounted air control dial. Included is a suction-cup joystick for tub floor mounting and the lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides power for the unit. The Bubble Love comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Add a Dilly for more enjoyment.

In combination with Bubble Love, the optional Dilly attachment doubles the love!

The Dilly™ fits snugly into the socket directly below the bubble jet on the Bubble Love, creating dual satisfaction with both internal and external pleasure. The Dilly™ is the perfect partner for Bubble Love and is custom crafted to only fit the Bubble Love unit.

Wholesale Pricing and Drop Shipment Services available for Bubble Love 

To order Bubble Love with Wholesale pricing or offer this as a drop shipment item please contact us at 800 423 8587

Toll Free #: 1-800-423-8587
Our Local #: 856-662-3344
Sales Dept. : ext. 2

Office fax#: 856-662-8030



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