Sportsheets Products Appear On Hit TV Show Whose Line Is It Anyway

Sportsheets Products Appear On Hit TV Show Whose Line Is It Anyway

sportsheetsSportsheets International, an industry leader in the Adult Novelty Business for over 20 years and a pioneer manufacturer of BDSM products got a big mainstream boost the other night when their popular Keychain Whip was featured on the hit TV Show Whose Line Is It Anyway.

The American Spin-off consists of a panel of four performers who create characters, scenes and songs on the spot, in the style of short-form improvisation games. Topics for the games are based on either audience suggestions or predetermined prompts from the host, who would set up a game and situation that the performers would improvise. The current show features A-List comedians and actors including Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, and Colin Mochrie.

The show which airs on the CW Network consistently receives good ratings and is now in its 10th season receiving around 1.5 Million viewers every week.

During this particular taping, Molly Romeo of Holiday Products happened to be in the audience as the cast members performed a popular skit called “What’s In The Bag” in which they grab two purses from two random women in the audience and use items from inside their purses to improv a skit. Like a true Sportsheets partner, Molly happened to have the Sportsheets Key Chain Whip in her purse which was then gently rubbed on Wayne Brady’s head.

“I was so thrilled when Molly told us that they had used one of our products in a Whose Line skit,” claimed Julie Stewart, President of Sportsheets International. “The exposure for us was great, but what makes me even happier is the fact that someone like Molly, and industry insider who works for Holiday Products which carries thousands upon thousands of products chose to have a Sportsheets Brand product in her purse over the other 20,000+ discreet sized items she could have had.”

Molly Romeo also commented, “As a long time fan of the show I was so excited to be able to attend a live taping but had no idea that they were going to actually end up picking me to be in one of their skits,” Romero, Senior Account Manager for Holiday Products stated. “It was a hilarious skit and so great to see them use one of my favorite Sportsheets Products on the show.”

The Sportsheets Rubber Keychain is a top selling product for the fetish manufacturer and comes in a number of different colors including Black, Purple, Red, Pink, and Green. They also come in assorted combinations of 12, making it an easy buy for retailers.

The full Whose Line Is It Anyway episode can be viewed for free online by clicking here.

For more information on Sportsheets, please visit their Official Website or follow them on Twitter and Facebook. You can Purchase Sportsheets with wholesale pricing from Williams Trading Co.


Williams Trading Co. Offering Sportsheets, Alexander Institute Bundle

Williams Trading Co. Offering Sportsheets, Alexander Institute Bundle
WTC_2014_XBiz_Ad_SportsheetssexandmischeifPENNSAUKEN, N.J. – Williams Trading Company is offering a free bondage DVD produced by the Alexander Institute Loving Sex series for retailers who purchase Sportsheets products.
To qualify, the Williams Trading customer must purchase a minimum of $150 in new selections from the Sportsheets Plus or Edge product line. Once the dealer is qualified, they will receive one free DVD for each $100 minimum reorder. Qualifying reorders can be from Sex & Mischief, Sportsheets, Sportsheets Plus, Edge and Sex in the Shower product lines.
Sportsheets Plus is a line of plus size sex toys, developed by women for women. Sportsheets Plus includes sexual positioning tools and strap-ons created to enhance pleasure for women, sizes 12 to 30. Edge is the most recently released product line from Sportsheets for customers experienced in bondage play.
“The new product lines from Sportsheets are really impressing our retailers right out of the gate,” said Erin V., marketing & vendor liaison for Williams Trading Co.  “Over 60% of female customers are at minimum a size 12 so the Plus line is perfect. The excellent craftsmanship of the Edge bondage products, speaks for itself when presented to customers experienced in bondage scene play.”
“Endless Shades of Great Sex,” a sex and mischief bondage guide DVD produced by the Alexander Institute, offers 55 minutes of bondage fantasies. The DVD depicts 19 scenarios to inspire role play, domination techniques, the use of toys and how to bring your ultimate fantasies to life. This DVD provides a $19.99 retail value for retailers to promote at point of sale.
“It’s always more benefit to a customer to get an added value to their purchase rather than just a discount,” said Scott D., director of sales & marketing for Williams Trading Co.  “Creating a partnership that combines Sportsheets new product lines with a bondage DVD from the Alexander Institute is a natural fit. Should a retailer choose, Endless Shades of Great Sex is perfectly designed for in store demonstrations.”
The bondage DVD is available to all retailers at no charge with a minimum wholesale purchase requirement. This allows the retailer to offer this unique DVD as a bonus gift at retail with the purchase of all Sportsheets products.
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