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“I feel passionate about combining good health practices with our most intimate moments. Our Southern Butter intimacy line was designed with one sole intention, to connect our minds and bodies with a safe, health conscious product. We formulated an organic product. All our Southern Butter products are nourishing, moisturizing,stimulate your love-making, and make you feel more sensual. Feel good all over, inside and out, it makes life a little sweeter.” ~ Jodi, Owner and MA Health Psychology

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Coconut Organic Lubricant


Our Coconut Oil base mimics the body’s own natural lubrication promoting a long lasting, smooth and lavish glide while nourishing delicate tissues for increased sensitivity. The unique Calendula infusion provides healing & anti-yeast properties. Smooth, silky, and never sticky.

2 oz Jar: $18.95 Shop Now

“As a sexuality educator I am constantly on the hunt for organic, herb based, non-petroleum, non-hormonal lubricants, THAT WORK!!!! You know how great it is to find an organic, environmentally friendly product line that has 101 uses that I can recommend?? Imagine my surprise to find this gem of a product line tucked into a corner at a Las Vegas lingerie show. Seriously Southern Butters and Sierra Sage should be called, Got You Covered!!!! Natural Sex goddess, looking for lube to enhance your intimacy, got you covered!! (Intimate Butters) Pregnant and new Moms (all moms) with itchy skin, tender sore lady parts, babes and delicate flowers (the men in our lives) got you covered!! (Mama & Baby) Athletes and men who need to protect and heal your skin and hands, got you covered!!! (Green Goo). Now add in that it is family run company whose owners walk their talk, live their company’s ethos and back it up with their professional cred. Jackpot!!!”

Lou Paget, Beverly Hills, CA
AASECT Certified Sex Educator, International Best Selling Author, Media Expert
How to Be A Great Lover, The Big O, Great Lover Playbook, Hot Mamas

Organic Water Based Lubricant


Bliss-on Water based Lubricants mimic and replenish the body’s own natural lubrication. Provides long lasting glide while also nourishing and softening the tissues. 100% OIL FREE. Available in Fragrance Free and Peppermint & Ginseng.

4oz Bottle: $18.95 Shop Now
Organic Spa and Massage Oil


Sierra Sage Organic Massage Oils will leave your skin radiant from head to toe and everywhere in between. This special organic oil blend hydrates the skin for a smooth soft touch. The Calendula flower infusion adds extra healing for the skin while toning and nourishing.

4.5 oz Bottle: $14.95 Shop Now
Organic Lubricant


Enhance (Tingly Mint) Stimulating Butter is a sexual stimulator made to increase sensitivity, enhance orgasms and overall invigorate the sexual experience. Our herbal infusion helps to increase blood flow and heighten sensitivity. Designed with both men and women in mind.1 oz tin for bedside or travel.

Very intense! A little goes a long way – Please Use Sparingly.

1 oz Tin: $11.95 Shop Now
kisson organic lip balm


kiss-on – Aphrodisiac Essence Organic Lip Balm. Intoxicating, sexy, and playful. A great mood enhancing add-on for lip smacking fun!

Price: $3.25 Shop Now

“I think the thing my customers (and I) go nuts over more than anything is the kiss-on lip balm. I keep it right on the cash wrap counter and frequently sell them as a last minute add-on. Personally, I keep one at my desk, one under the counter, one at my bedside table, and one in my car (when it’s not summer). It is silky smooth, the scent is subtle yet soothing, and it never feels greasy or sticky. I replaced all of my other favorite natural lip balms with yours and I’ve had many a customer throw away their beloved Burt’s Bees balm in favor of the Kiss-on.” Austin, Texas

Organic Lubricant


Conveniently packed for travel or for a gift. It’s a great way to sample our petroleum and chemical free intimate butters. Four 1 oz. tins of Body & Intimate Butters: Rose & Lavender; Sandalwood & Cinnamon; Lemongrass, Ginseng & Mint; and Fragrance Free. Meets airline carry-on regulations.

Price: $24.95 Shop Now
Organic Lubricant


Sample from our whole line of Intimates. Sensual Massage Oil, Lubricant and Body Butter, bliss-on Water-based Lubricants, and Aphrodisiac kiss-on Lip Balm. 1 oz.sizes conveniently packed in a reusable bag for travel or for a gift. Meets airline carry-on regulations.

Price: $29.95 Shop Now
Organic Lubricant


Large sampling from our whole line of Intimates. 2 Sensual Massage Oils, 2 Lubricants and Body Butter, 2 bliss-on Water-based Lubricants, and an Aphrodisiac kiss-on Lip Balm. 1 oz.sizes conveniently packed in a reusable bag for travel or for a gift. Meets airline carry-on regulations.

Price: $49.95 Shop Now
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