February is National Condom Month

It’s Condom Month during February and Williams Trading Co is Launching Sir Richard’s Condom Company

Just in time for Condom month we are launching Sir Richard’s here at Williams Trading Co. Check out the complete line of Sir Richard’s here and place your pre-orders now.  ASHA wants you to have the facts about condoms, so each year we recognize February as National Condom Month. Get Wholesale Pricing on all Sir Richard’s Condoms here

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Sir Richard’s created the first ever “Buy One, Give One” condom donation program to support it’s core mission of using the power of business to bring health and pleasure to the global community…Over 3 Million Donated !

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“Condoms are a safe, effective, and inexpensive way for people to have safer sex” says ASHA president and CEO Lynn Barclay. She notes there’s a great deal people don’t know about condoms: “Strict quality control is a part of the manufacturing process, so ASHA uses National Condom Month to set the record straight. Bottom line: correct, consistent condom use is a great, accessible way to prevent both sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy.”

In the U.S. each year there are nearly 20 million new cases of STIs, about half of which are in teen-agers and young adults. STIs often have no symptoms, which is why using condoms is important each time someone has sex. Barclay says “Numerous studies how shown the value of condoms in reducing transmission risks with a host of STIs, including HIV, HPV, and chlamydia. Using condoms is one of the smartest and simplest things we can do to protect our bodies.”

ASHA’s website offers an array of sexual health resources. Is your partner reluctant to use condoms? We have a guide to help you talk with them! Not sure just how to use a condom? No problem, we have a video (above) to show you how (guaranteed to put a smile on your face, too)!

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About Sir Richard’s

sir-richards-pleasuredotsSir Richard’s™ was founded in 2009 by a group of globally minded entrepreneurs who wanted to merge their shared interest in good loving with their love of doing good. They created a premium condom that shook up a staid industry devoid of innovation. Designed with sexual wellness and reproductive health in mind, they chose to make Sir Richard’s condoms of all-natural latex. They also left out a range of seriously unsexy chemicals, common ingredients in the leading brands’ products. And for every condom people purchased, the founders committed to donating a condom to communities in need.

The market reaction? Phenomenal from the start. Millions of Sir Richard’s devotees have experienced how Doing Good Never Felt Better™. And millions of people around the globe have felt the reverberations of Sir Richard’s commitment to social responsibility.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Sir Richard’s Condom Company is the leading manufacturer of premium condoms that are free of harmful chemicals (parabens, spermicide, or glycerin) and PETA-approved and Vegan-certified. Sir Richard’s has developed an engaging, dynamic, digitally relevant brand out of its willingness to celebrate the excitement and freedom of sex.

The company was founded on the principle that the power of business can help bring health and pleasure to the global community, and its “Buy One, Give One” social responsibility program supports that mission. The company also is a proud partner of (RED). We crowdsource donation ideas from our customers, so Nominate an Organization  to receive a condom donation today.

Sir Richard’s condoms are available at SirRichards.com and fine retailers nationwide, including Kroger stores, Whole Foods Market, Vitamin Shoppe and other natural products stores. Find out where you can buy Sir Richard’s Condoms at our Store Locator or shop online now.


To learn more about Sir Richard’s Condom Company, visit SirRichards.com

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