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Place your pre-orders now on the new Sola, ask our sales rep about the new counter display and full store display programs.
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Reach out to our sales rep for the special display and tester program on the new Sola Products exclusively from Williams Trading co.
solaThe World’s First Intelligent 4-in-1 Pressure Sensitive Vibrator.
Meet Sola, the revolutionary 4-in-1 pressure sensitive egg massager made for sexual wellness and relaxation.Sola puts pleasure and relaxation in your hands, allowing you to control the intensity through our pressure-sensitive technology and design. The purpose was to design an exceptional product to meet the varying demands of
the everyday modern woman

The Wellness Set includes 2 soft silicone attachments that serve a different purpose. The Wellness Set includes two attachments that are designed for a full body massage. 

  • The Swedish Sleeve – is smooth and round and provides a diffused deep massage for overall relaxation
  • The Shiatsu Sleeve – incorporates 4 contact points that focus on the precise location of your stress and muscle tightness surrounding it with muscle relaxing deep vibrations.


The Passion Set includes 3 soft silicone attachments that serve a different purpose.

  • Bunni Sleeve: Designed for clitoral stimulation. Bunni’s soft ears can hug the clitoris, making for the ultimate female climax.
  • Omi Sleeve: Designed for clitoral stimulation & couple’s foreplay. Omi’s soft shape is perfect for a sensual massage.
  • Swedish Sleeve: (included)


The powerful wireless remote massager Sync  is here!

Our innovative powerful body massager is sleek and stylish! Sync was designed with an extra long handle that allows you to reach all those hard to get to areas on your neck, back and shoulders.

Sync comes with a wireless remote that allows a user to select a different massage speeds or patterns with ease! This allows the user to find exactly what they are looking for without having to stop mid way through the massage. Relaxation made easy!


sola 2Enjoy powerful massage vibrations with a touch of a button! Fully rechargeable and 100% pure soft silicone.

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