Williams Trading Co attends NYC Global launch of ‘innovative’ new condom Lelo Hex

Coming soon to all Adult Retailers, the new Lelo Hex Condom launches at the NYC Lelo Global Press Event.


LELO HEX™ is the first major condom innovation in 70 years. In that time, dangerous new sexually transmitted infections have emerged, and the condom has failed to keep up. LELO HEX™ comes as a giant leap forward in the fight for great, safe sex – with a structurally different design, that means you can see and feel the difference.

hex bannerCharlie Sheen fronts launch of ‘game-changing’ new condom Lelo Hex

Charlie Sheen Talks Condoms for LELO HEX | Youth Is Wasted On The Young

Charlie is one of many people getting behind HEX™, but he’s a vitally important partner in this fight, since there is arguably no other person who can so personally and actively drive conversations on sexual health.

As was the case upon Charlie’s announcement of his HIV condition in November 2015, conversations on condom usage and HIV shot up by as much as 400%, despite a steady decline in interest since 2006.

Since then, he has committed his time to working with the Elton John Foundation and medical trials to help people avoid contracting STIs, or help the ones that share his fate to cope with it.


We know Charlie Sheen has the voice and character needed to drive awareness on the issue, while LELO has the design and technology expertise to make change happen. By backing the HEX Appeal project as Charlie has, and committing to try HEX™ for yourself, we can potentially change the world of safe sex for good.



  • HEX™ is structurally different because it applies a unique hexagonal web throughout the latex, which means it looks and performs differently to any condom in the world today.
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After seven years of research and testing, LELO’s engineers succeeded where others have failed. Their success was based on one key discovery: it wasn’t the material of latex that needed to change, but the structure itself.


There’s a reason why honeycombs are the shape they are, and why snake scales move the way they do. It’s because hexagons are strong, symmetrical, and tessellate perfectly. They’re nature’s go-to shape for anything needing to be at once lightweight, and incredibly strong. That’s why the structure of Graphene – the thinnest, strongest material known to science is … you guessed it, hexagonal.

With 350 individual hexagons applied throughout each LELO HEX, the condom’s surface tessellates and molds to the unique shape of the wearer. The result is a new feeling of intimacy and comfort never felt in condoms before.


We see structure everywhere from bridges and roofing, to soccer nets and airplane wings – anything that needs to be strong and light – so why should the condom be any different? For 70 years no one asked that question, not the leading condom brands, nor the industry as a whole.

HEX™ is unique in that it combines a 0.055mm HEX™ web with ultra-thin 0.045mm latex panels for thinness and strength combined. So the HEX™ helps to channel unwanted stress through the structure itself while bringing you closer to your partner, safe in the knowledge that HEX™ has your back.


We’re all familiar with ribs and dots on condoms, but LELO’s engineers turned the application of texture on its head. There’s a reason wet weather tires in Formula 1 have a textured surface, while slick tires do not. It provides extra hold on the track and reduces the chances of slippage.

So that’s also why, unlike any condom before, HEX is covered with an internal hexagonal web. By having this web raised on the inside, not on the outside surface, HEX™ helps you and your partner to enjoy each other fully, and with confidence.

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