Powerful, Affordable Rechargeables from Screaming O New Screaming O Charged Line Place Pre-Orders Today

Check out this new video on the exciting Charged Product Line from Screaming now available from Williams Trading Co.

Powerful, Affordable Rechargeables from Screaming O

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A Safer Rechargeable Battery

The Charged collection is powered by a superior Lithium-ion Polymer (aka Li-poly) battery that improves safety with a lightweight gel-based core that won’t overcharge, leak or overheat.

2-Year Limited Warranty

As part of our dedication to consumer trust and satisfaction, Screaming O has introduced a 2-year Limited Warranty with personalized customer service.

Simple, Hassle-Free Charging

Charged products boost their batteries via a stable and secure plug that inserts easily and stays put for the duration of the charge time.

Intense Power

Charged is powered by a brand new low-frequency motor that emits deep, rumbling vibration for a dramatically different – and more satisfying – experience.

Competitive Price

Provide customers with the quality and affordability they demand while personally enjoying superior margins and maximized profits.

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