Endless Summer Sale Starts Today

All Blush Brands, Sola, Cloud 9 Dong A Thong, Gas Works and Screaming 0 Rechargeables on sale today with 30% Wholesale Discount
  • All Blush Brands- 30% Discount- this includes every brand in the Blush Portfolio : Aria, Au Natural, B Yours, Exposed,Gaia, Hard Steel,Hop,Hung Rider, Loverboy, Luxe, M for Men, Mr. Skin, Naturally Yours, Noje, Nude Impressions,Performance ,Play with Me!, Real Nude,Red Devil,Revel,Revive,Rose,Ruse, Safe Sex,Sexy Things ,Splash,Spark,Stay Hard,SX for You,Vilain,Vive,X5,X5+,XX,
  • Sola 30% Discount- (2) displays are available based on product purchases
  • Cloud 9 Dong A Thong 30% Discount- all Cloud 9 Dildos including, specialty dildo kits, and Cloud 9 Lubricant
  • Gas Works -30% Discount
  • Screaming O – Recharge Line and Dynamo Delay
As a special dealer incentive Blush is supporting all dealers requests for testers with a minimum purchases of 3-4 units for no charge testers. Blush also is offering a Sola Display Program and offers displays for the new Noje product Line

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