New Synergy Erotic Passione G Supreme

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Passione’ G-Supreme is Big G-spot Vibrations in An Affordable Package!

I see a lot of sex toys in my line of work and I love finding relatively unknown products that knock my socks off. Enter the Passione’ G-Supreme by Synergy Erotic. Although it’s a company you may have never heard of, their mission and specialty are great quality, classic shaped, affordable, and POWERFUL toys with big vibrations that are fully submersible.

I was given the Passione’ G-Supreme by Betty’s Toy Box for my unbiased review and I will admit that I can’t wait for another Synergy Erotic product after trying this one out.


Passione’ G-Supreme is a silicone coated, battery-operated g-spot vibrator with a twist. Unlike some g-spot vibes which have long, narrow bodies with an egg shaped, protruding tip, the Passione’ G-Supreme has some size to it. The main part of the shaft is 1.6 inches across, or 5 inches around but the bulbous tip is another ½ bigger than that, giving you a fuller feeling than those skinny g-spotters.

The Passione’s tip is different from a lot of g-spot vibrators too. The head is very pronounced so it will appeal to those of you who love that “mushroom head” feel in a vibe or dildo. It also tapers upwards, giving a large, blunt surface to stimulate your g-spot. Great for those of you who are still searching for an elusive g-spot orgasm. And the piece de resistance? Synergy Erotic has included a nub they call the “Syn-sation” stimulation bump smack dab in the middle of the flat part of the head. It gives that extra bit of targeted g-spot stimulation that can really drive you wild.


As I said, the Passione’ G-Supreme is battery operated – 3 AAs to be exact. That makes this a heavier vibrator (15.5 oz – yes, I weighed it) but it is also what gives is amazing POWER. The motor on this is strong and rumbly enough to rival any $100+ fancy pants toy from big name manufacturers. And yet the Passione’ G-Supreme is under $60 at Betty’s Toy Box.

This vibrator has 7 functions. The first 3 are a steady rumble increasing in strength and the last 4 are varying patterns. I’m not usually a patterns girl but when the vibrator is strong enough, there is something wonderful about those body quaking vibrations keeping you on the edge. The Passione’ G-Supreme is more than strong enough to qualify. I had a great time playing with the patterns and even had to turn it off a couple of times to keep from ending too soon. Don’t worry though – this vibe remembers where you left off and will take you back there when you turn it back on.

The Passione’ G-Supreme is 100% submersible for fun in the tub, shower, or wherever else you choose to get wet. Synergy Erotic doesn’t play around with this claim either. They are known for exhibiting their toys in a fish tank at trade shows and in stores to demonstrate just how water friendly their vibrators are. Once you throw in a 90-day replacement warranty (which you do have to register online), I would say this is just about the perfect toy.


What can I say that hasn’t been said? If you want a super powerful g-spot toy for a truly ridiculously reasonable price, I can’t recommend the Passione’ G-Supreme enough. It has the kind of rumble that you expect from a much more expensive toy – the kind you feel right through your body – and a shape that is satisfying not only as a g-spotter but as a satisfying overall vibrator.

Synergy Erotic is always looking for product reviews, like the one above, so we encourage you to contact us after you’ve tested one of our toys.

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