Jimmyjane Introduces LOVE PODS!

Jimmyjane Introduces

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — October 06, 2017 — Jimmyjane is pleased to introduce an entirely new collection of orbital, clitoral stimulators: LOVE PODS Rechargeable Vibrators, launching October 3rd. This trio of vibrators: CoralHalo, and OM, introduce ergonomic new shapes, each with unique revolutionary vibration options. The LOVE PODs’ shapes are each inspired by Greek Goddesses and symbols of feminine desire.

CORAL is inspired by the Shell of Venus and the Goddess herself, representing desire, excitement and seduction. Intended to arouse excitement, Coral features two powerful motors that hug the clitoris. The vibration in Coral will alternate rolling from one side to the next. Coral can be used to roll, stroke or hold in place for varying sensations.

HALO is a salute to Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and desire. It features three vibrators nestled within a supple silicone rim. The revolutionary Cyclonic Technology is unlike any other vibrator on the market, sending vibration through the motors, one by one. This circles the clitoris or nipples with unparalleled sensations.

OM takes inspiration from the sacred Lotus flowers, one of the foremost symbols of beauty and feminine sexuality. With one motor centered at the tip OM provides deep, rumbling vibration with dynamic oscillation modes. The rumbling vibration resonates into the body, as the ridges mimic the crevices between the fingers.

“We are really excited for this innovative new line,” stated Kristian Broms, VP of Design. “These products speak to high-level design that Jimmyjane is known for. They are modern, approachable and feature technology based on research and design. All three look beautiful together but we know the HALO is going to be a fan favorite.”

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