Important Safety Recall from Nasstoys Effective August 08, 2018

Aug 08 2018

Important Safety Recall from Nasstoys Effective August 08, 2018

Please contact your sales rep regarding pulling back any of the items listed below and sold to you from Williams Trading Co.  As part of this recall, we will issue a call tag and credit to your account for all products participating in the recall and purchased directly from us.

Please check your store inventory for the following items and pullback the products that are matched to this list below due to the potential safety issue and consumer hazard.

Thank You


Product Safety Recall

Novelties by Nasswalk, Inc.

Item # 2780-1, 2780-2, 2781-1, 2781-2, 2782-1, 2782-2, 2783-1,

2783-2, 2784-1, 2784-2, 2785-1, 2785-2, 2786-1, 2786-2,

2787-1, 2787-2, 2788-1, 2788-2

Manufacturer Defect Manufacturer shipped these products without an end cap on both sides of the metal rod inside the product. Therefore in some circumstances, the metal rod inside the product will poke through the product during use.

Hazard If the defect occurs while using the product it can cause serious injury to the consumer.

What to do Distributors should immediately stop selling these products and pull them from their shelves. Please contact your Novelties by Nasswalk, Inc salesperson with your quantities on hand for a credit.

Solution All styles have been improved to include a safety cap on both ends of the metal rod to avoid poking through the material of the product. Shipments will begin from October 2018.

Contact details You can contact your salesperson at Novelties by Nasswalk, Inc by emailing them directly, phoning 800-556-5562 Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm or email at

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