New Bucked Mens Line From System Jo

Williams Trading Co is accepting Pre-orders on the New Bucked Line from System Jo at ANME.

What is Bucked from System JO ?

As System JO became more and more expansive and successful in the sexual health & wellness space, the parent company, United Consortium, was hard at work researching and developing new products for demographics and groups that they may not have been focused on with the JO brand. One of the most passionate communities that have been overlooked in the past was the gay community. It became clear that to cater to the Gay community, a completely new Brand, separate from System JO, was needed. It needed its own story, its own products, its own identity, free of all the standards and rules that were set in the past, that was made exclusively from gay men. This was when BUCKED was born. #buckedmen  #anme2019

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ITEM NUMBER: 102BUCKED Dealer Get $568.23 of stock for $232.94 This pre-pack order includes (10) sku’s with (100) free pill packs of the h20 Hybrid and (100) free pillow packs of the masturbation cream. This offer also includes a Bucked launch envelope and display (dealers are not charged for POS material, envelope, and pillow packs

Our Philosophy


Bucked empowers men to saddle up and ride with confidence. Made exclusively for men by men to uphold the rigorous needs of their sexual desires. Our tone eludes sophistication and class while blurring the line with wild and raw. We have upgraded from boys with ponies to men with horses. Giving permission and encouraging to go a little dark, a little more extreme, a little more leather.



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