New Play on Lubricant from System JO is Here !

Everyone Wins When Williams Trading Co. PlaysON!

For Immediate Release Los Angeles, CA – July 9, 2019 Williams Trading Co. is excited to announce a promotional “buy-in” for United Consortium’s new highly anticipated value core lubricant brand, PlayON.


Williams Trading Co. feels so good about these “everyday” lubes and their partnership with System JO/United Consortium, that they’re offering a special promotion beginning July 1, 2019. The way it works is that the more you buy, the more you get, with three different buy-in tiers. If you buy $300 worth of System JO product, you’ll automatically receive a 12-pack of PlayON products. For a $500 spend, you’ll get a 24-pack, and for $1,000, they’ll kick down a 72-pack!


The PlayON brand mission is to “keep the party going,” which, according to Tori McCrobie, US Account Development at System JO / United Consortium, is the concept at the heart of the new colorful product line.  View this special offer here with the PlayOn Digital Catalog


“We want people to slow down and enjoy the ride with affordable lubes that offer the same best in class performance and high-quality ingredients that they expect from us,”  says McCrobie. “Passion is all about being in the moment, and our glides will keep you playing on into the night without fear of stick or tack, or sub-par ingredients.” 


“People tend to think of ‘everyday lube as only water-based, but PlayON offers consumers a fresh perspective on products by putting a more obtainable price point to the silicone category without sacrificing quality. We’re offering a brand that helps retailers to compete with online prices, yet gives consumers the benefit of in-store service.” 


But you wouldn’t know it’s a ‘value’ brand based on the packaging. An inviting “press play” logo styled in iridescent sunburst colors boldly pops from the designer-white bottles and tubes, making the products an instant eye-catcher from the shelf. The lubricant formulas are also engineered with top-shelf ingredients, meeting and surpassing expectations at every turn. 

McCrobie adds that their “goal is to have customers excited about a value product. We want people to feel like they got a good deal on something great. It also helps our retailers add on critical products that improve the customers experience greatly, while still being mindful of their wallets.”


As System JO and Williams Trading Co. move forward with PlayON, they will be adding more core experiences at a value price point. Spread the word, the party is here and it’s time to PlayON!

Contact your Williams Trading Co. representative today to press play on your PlayON buy-in! E-mail

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