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Minimum Retail Pricing E-Commerce MAP Policy: Branded MAP Policy Enforcement for Vendors Amazon and Non Amazon


WILLIAMS TRADING CO. and MUFFS & CUFFS are dedicated to providing your consumers the highest quality online purchase experience from all of our resellers. As such, we strictly enforce all minimum advertised price policies (MAP policy compliance) designated by our branded-vendor partners to protect their product’s imagery, trademark and pricing.

  • ALL Amazon restricted Brands listed below can not be offered or listed for sale within the Amazon Marketplace as a Reseller.
  • MAP policy compliance applies to all internet sales of our branded-vendor’s products sold in North America (including Canada) and internationally, except in countries where such policies are prohibited by law.
  • MAP policy compliance applies to all branded-vendor partners’ products offered for resale based on the current retail price they publish and, subsequently, is unique to each of our partners.
  • A WILLIAMS TRADING CO. and/or MUFFS & CUFFS customer is required to conform to the published MAP policy compliance established by each of the branded-vendor products you resell. You may not ADVERTISE any of the MAP products at a price below the designated MAP price outlined in their published MAP policy. However, this policy does not apply in any way to a reseller’s actual SELLING at set prices. Every online re seller remains free to set their own retail price for the branded-vendor products they carry.

It is the sole discretion of WILLIAMS TRADING CO. and MUFFS & CUFFS to reserve the right to review a reseller’s compliance with branded-vendor partner’s MAP policy. If it is verified a WILLIAMS TRADING CO. and MUFFS & CUFFS customer advertises a vendor-branded product below the MAP policy price, they will no longer be eligible to purchase or resell that branded-product line. Upon the terms and conditions of our appointed distribution agreements, we require our resellers to execute a MAP minimum advertising price policy agreement for all participating resellers.

Amazon Sale Restrictions

Additionally as an authorized distributor of the listed product lines, Muffs & Cuffs enforces distribution agreements pertaining to the direct sale of products that cannot be listed or sold on For these products, Muffs & Cuffs internet and brick and mortar retailers cannot create or sell product listings without prior approval from the respective brands in which we hold appointed distribution agreements.


Vendor Map Policies by Brand , please review each brand before listing: Please click on the branded-vendor partner links below for a full list of their MAP policy compliance details.

Download (PDF, 145KB)



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