Understanding Adult Dropshipping

Understanding Adult Dropshipping

Adult Dropshipping with Williamstrading Co is a method of e-commerce where your online store sells a product from our data feed of over 17,000 products, and the final order is shipped direct to the consumer without you having to inventory or pack the final order.  Our drop shipping model is simple to use and allows you to focus on your e-commerce business and product selections.  

With this business model, approved Williams Trading Co adult drop shippers do not have to purchase products upfront or allocate space to inventory goods. You are charged for the drop shipping orders once you pass the order over to Williams Trading Co. (You are required to be approved with a wholesale drop shipping account with Williams Trading Co and integrated with our data feed).

How Does Adult Dropshipping Work?

Adult Dropshipping involves selling products through your online store, which are then fulfilled directly by Williams Trading Co. You have no initial investment in inventory, and packaging. All orders are paid for you as they are shipped to the consumer. We do all of the picking and packing of your Adult product to the final consumer.

The customer places their order in your online store

Your customer shops on your own website, placing items in your shopping cart. We offer over 17,000 adult items including all of the newest release items. All of these items are available in our data feed, which updates hourly.

Your store forwards the order to Williams Trading Co

Once you have received a new order, the order information is passed to Williams Trading Co for fulfillment. You pay the item’s wholesale price and keep your markup and profits. You must be approved with a Williams Trading Co wholesale account, and set up for drop shipping before this process can take place.


Williams Trading ships the order to the customer

Orders are shipped in a discreet envelope or package direct to the consumer. You can track the order on the wholesale ordering site, which will provide a shipping notification and status update — the customer never knows you’re an Adult dropshipper.

Your store informs the customer that their order has been shipped

The customer receives an email from your online store to let them know their order is on the way. The notification comes from you, not from Williams Trading Co. All of your shipping notifications are available on your wholesale account for communication to your customer

How Do I Get Started with Adult Drop Shipping?


Secure Online Application – To be approved as an Adult Drop Shipper with a Wholesale Account, you are required to have a completed Web Site. You must be an active wholesale drop shipper with Williams Trading Co, with a tax number for certification and a completed wholesale account application. 

Additionally, all drop shipment accounts are required to have a signed credit card authorization on file for all charges. Please use the link below to start the process.

IMPORTANT – The first step is to sign up here and submit the required forms:

STEP ONE Virtual Secure Application – *The first step for account consideration is to complete this virtual secure online dealer application form at the following link. https://fs11.formsite.com/RrjLGa/nz7utb0cfx/index.html

STEP TWO Sign Up ProcessBefore you can begin using the system, you must create an account. Account creation is simple and easy, and immediately after creating a username and password you will have access to our catalog of products.  

Sign up for an online account here  You won’t have access to place orders right away. To get access to place orders you need to apply online  to apply for an account please include your username on the form to help us expedite the application process.  Depending on your location, you may also need to complete other forms that you can find here

STEP THREE –  Sign Up Process Account Activation Linked to User Name Before you are able to order, however, you will need to contact an account representative and have a customer account set up and linked to your user name. This is not an automatic process to protect against fraud and requires our final approval after all virtual applications are completed and credit card accounts are on file for orders.

Please complete the required account set secure on line forms https://fs11.formsite.com/RrjLGa/nz7utb0cfx/index.html  to allow us to process your account for approvals. The expected approval time is 1-2 business days based on your completed application.

We look forward to completing your wholesale application. You can take a quick video tour of the warehouse here.


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