Williams Trading University Launches Sexual Health & Wellness Course Sponsored by IntiminaⓇ

Pennsauken – With an increasing number of consumers focusing on health & wellness, especially post-2020, Williams Trading University is pleased to announce the addition of an all-new course from IntiminaⓇ on their Sexual Health & Wellness platform:

Intimina: Menstruation & Menstrual Cups

Focusing on the overall topic of menstruation, this course is meant to open a frank and honest dialogue between retailers and uterus-owning customers, about a subject that has long been considered taboo or shameful.  Researched and written by a team of experts and medical professionals at IntiminaⓇ, this course will address menstruation in general, a history of menstruation products, medical issues that affect menstruation, stigmas and taboos, period “poverty” and finally, talk about menstrual cups and their benefits to consumers.

“This is such an important topic,” says Rachel M, Coordinator for Williams Trading University. “Talking about periods shouldn’t be regarded as a shameful thing, and there is a lot of information that consumers really should know, that I hope this course gives to retailers.”

The IntiminaⓇ course is one of the longer courses on Williams Trading University, but unlike the courses found on the original WTU platform, these topics focusing on sexual health & wellness are meant as a primer for retailers to learn about potential subjects that their customers might wish to discuss during store visits.

Users who take this course can expect to come away from it with a better understanding of menstruation and menstrual concerns, as well as an overview on the pros and cons of menstrual products in general, and menstrual cups in particular.

With the increasing presence of health & wellness products inside brick and mortar stores, consumers will look to purchase items such as these cups in a friendly, open environment where they can speak freely and frankly about their needs and ask questions of trained staff who will guide them to the right products.

Menstrual cups are available in many mainstream channels as well as adult channels, but the adult retail channel will be able to offer consumers their knowledge and advice in a safe, comfortable space that might not be available in a more mainstream setting.

Upon finishing the IntiminaⓇ course, users will be directed to register their completion, and will be able to download their certification. Registering completion will also grant the user an entry into the monthly prize drawing, and each course completion counts as an entry. Winners of the monthly drawing will be notified by the email used to sign up for the WTU Sexual Health & Wellness platform.
The Williams Trading University team developed the Sexual Health & Wellness Channel as a platform to educate learners on topics that are at the forefront of consumer interest, as the taboos surrounding sex are slowly being eradicated by a strengthening presence in mainstream media.

To get this course – and other Health & Wellness courses – go to the Sexual Health and Wellness Channel and sign up for free.

For e-Learning modules focused on products and product lines, go to the original Williams Trading University platform and sign up for a free account.

Williams Trading University Sexual Health & Wellness Channel offers free e-learning with a simple log-in, separate from the regular Williams Trading University signup page. Participating Brand Partners and Accredited Contributors can be found on the channel home page. Online courses are available 24/7 at http://www.wtusexhealth.com

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