Notification of Quality Hold on WTC10MAC F-SLIDER

To Our Valued Customers:

A recent consumer QC report regarding a rusting mount bracket on the Cloud 9 Novelties F-Slider has instigated a full physical examination of all WTC10MAC products on hand. We are placing all F-Sliders are on a quality hold until we complete our inspection of each item.

All inspected F-SLIDERS will be marked with a QC label on the box, and include an inspection notice inside the box once it has been checked. Any defective products will be removed from inventory.

We expect to have the item available for sale after the completion of our inventory on 5/1, and will not be shipping WTC10MAC until the physical inspection has been completed.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your continued partnership.

Thank You.

WTC10MAC Cloud 9 Novelties F-Slider Pro Self Pleasuring Sliding Sex Chair



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