Amazon and Third-Party Reseller Site Requirements Important Novel Creations

July 22, 2022

Novel Creations USA Inc.

Nu Sensuelle
1020 SW 10th Avenue, Bay 3

Pompano Beach, Florida 33069

Re: Amazon and Third-Party Reseller Site Requirements

Dear Valued Customers:

As a leader in the adult pleasure products industry, we are faced with battling counterfeit products as well as ensuring there is a healthy margin for all partners. Over the past year, we have heard from many partners about practices that are detrimental to our brand, our products, and the profitability we all share.

Unfortunately, these practices have become such a problem that Amazon has introduced initiatives to eradicate fake products and counterfeit sellers from its site. We have been working with Amazon directly to identify solutions and to develop best practices to ensure compliance with our reseller terms and conditions as well as Amazon’s.

As our partner, we need your help. According to Amazon’s policy, third party resellers will need to provide proof from the manufacturer they are approved to resell. To ensure your customers do not experience an interruption in selling through third-party sites, we are asking our partners to provide a written request for our review and approval. The agreement you need to complete and return follows. Please have this completed by August 30, 2022. If your customer no longer wishes to sell Nu Sensuelle products on third party sites, please provide the date they will stop. Any third-party seller we do not receive the agreement from will be served with corrective action and will be subject to account termination.

Please direct any questions to Patrick Lyons via email:


Patrick Lyons
Chief Strategy Officer | m: (720) 412-0535

File is attached for FORM use, and the link to the form is here.

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