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Healthy Communication Really IS All Fun & Games When Kheper Teams Up With Williams Trading University 


Pennsauken – Williams Trading Co is pleased to announce the addition of a new training module on the Health & Wellness channel of Williams Trading University e-Learning platform.  It focuses on topics of sexual wellness and concerns that retailers might encounter in their interactions with consumers. 

This latest topic focuses on one of the essential components of any good relationship: communication. Specifically, healthy intimate communication, utilizing a medium that might come as a surprise: Games. 

This course, Healthy Intimate Communication: Sponsored by Kheper Games, focuses on addressing the role communication plays in relationships and how retailers can assist their customers in finding new and exciting ways to connect and communicate through the use of games. 

“I always looked at games as an underexplored method of communication, so when the topic came up, I knew Kheper would be the perfect sponsoring partner,” says Rachel M, who works as a coordinator for Williams Trading University. “I was thrilled when Kheper Games agreed to do this course and then even more so when Dr. Sunny Rodgers came on board.”

When presented with the idea for the course, Dr. Sunny Rodgers, who holds not only a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality but is also an Intimate Health Advisor, Clinical Sexologist, and American Sexual Health Ambassador, was immediately on board.

“Kheper Games knows how incredibly important healthy intimate communication is for relationships and I’m very grateful for helping create this impactful educational course,” she comments. 

The Sexual Health & Wellness courses offered on the WTU Sexual Health & Wellness platform focus not on the features and benefits of a product or product line specifically for sales purposes but instead address wellness and health-oriented topics that retailers and e-Learners are likely to encounter with their customers. Products shown or mentioned in a course are used as illustrative examples. 

In suggesting that the use of games can lead to healthier and more intimate communication, Dr. Sunny Rodgers chose several products from Kheper’s extensive catalog as examples. “With so many great products, it was easy to find Kheper Games’ items that fit wonderfully with our lesson plan.” 

In order to help retailers further, this course contains a downloadable reference sheet that highlights key points of the module, as well as contains links for additional information on the subject. At the end of the course, users will be invited to take a short quiz to test what they have learned, and upon passing, register their completion. Each registration earns the user an entry into a prize drawing.

The Williams Trading University team developed the Sexual Health & Wellness Channel as a platform to educate learners on topics that are at the forefront of consumer interest, as the taboos surrounding sex are slowly being eradicated by a strengthening presence in mainstream media. 

To get this course – and other Health & Wellness courses – go to the Sexual Health and Wellness Channel and sign up for free. 

For e-Learning modules focused on products and product lines, go to the original Williams Trading University platform and sign up for a free account. 

Williams Trading University Sexual Health & Wellness Channel offers free e-learning with a simple log-in, separate from the regular Williams Trading University signup page. Participating Brand Partners and Accredited Contributors can be found on the channel home page. Online courses are available 24/7 at www.wtusexhealth.com

Williams Trading Co. leads as the first adult distributor offering free e-learning for all new and existing customers. Williams Trading University is a free e-learning program available exclusively to existing and new Williams Trading Co. accounts. Since its inception, there have been over 105,000 e-learning course completions and the number is still growing.  Online courses are available 24 hours/7 days per week at www.wtulearn.com.

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