Clandestine Devices

June 1 , 2017
RE: Clandestine Devices
MAP Policy
Dear Valued
We are thrilled to be among your partners. At Clandestine Devices, we take pride in our
products and, for the sake of our business relationships, will be diligent in protecting our
pricing. Clandestine Devices supports a fair marketplace and we believe this will
benefit you and your guests
We thank you in advance for adhering to the MAP policy for the MIMIC from Clandestine Devices at the  CURRENT MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE OF
Should there be any changes, you will be notified at once. We thank you for your cooperation and we are very much looking forward to working together.  Please sign this policy and return it to your  sales  representative  / account manager
Once again, thank you.
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Kimberly Faubel
Director of Operations
Clandestine Devices, LLC