Dame Products MAP Policy

Dame Products (the “Company”) Minimum Advertised Price Policy
For many years, the Company has recognized the value created by retailers that carry, promote, and support  Company’s branded products. The Company desires to protect the investment it has made in its brands and to promote advertising that focuses on, among other things, the high quality and superior performance of our products. In our opinion, advertising should convey the superior brand image associated with our company and  our products, and should not erode that perception in any way.
In that light, we have adopted a policy regarding certain advertised prices (the “Policy”) that will help to promote advertising that supports the Company’s superior brand image. The Policy is applicable to Company products that are promoted, marketed, advertised, or sold in print or online. All advertised prices must be at or  above the minimum advertised price (“MAP”). This applies to both prices advertised in print and online, including, without limitation, the “compare at” price, “item price” and price “in cart.” The MAP will be based upon a discount of zero (0%) percent off the published manufacturer suggested retail price (“MSRP”), excluding handling and  shipping fees. The MSRP is the current pricing set forth on the Company’s website located at https://www.dameproducts.com/
For special promotional offers, the Company may establish alternative
suggested minimum advertised pricing for a limited period of time.
This Policy may only be changed by the Company in writing. No employee or sales representative has any  authority to modify this Policy, and any action of any person, which claims to modify this Policy or to solicit or obtain the agreement of any person to do it, is void and invalid.
The Company reserves the right to modify the MSRP pricing at any time and will notify all Retailers of such  changes.
Non-compliance with this Policy may result in the termination of any agreement between Company and Retailer and may result in the Internet & Catalog Mapping Policy suspension or termination of further product shipment to the respective Retailer.
This Policy is confidential and Dealers shall not disclose it or any of its terms to any other party.
Distributor, distributor clients and subsidiaries are excluded from listing DAME Products goods on “flash-sale” or discounting sites including but not limited to Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Drugstore.com, FAB.com, Gilt, AliBaba without express written permission from Mating Components LLC dba DAME Products.
I, the undersigned, on behalf of the Retailer have read and agreed to the Company’s Minimum Advertised Price  Policy.
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