Earthly Body MAP Pricing


Earthly Body QC procedures v1 (1)

Earthly Body MAP Pricing – Sheet1

Earthly Body is dedicated to selling high quality products at reasonable prices to ensure
that our products are promoted and supported by retailers. We support the idea that
discounted advertising of our products can be damaging to the brand. This type of
discounted advertising is harmful to the success of other retailers to support our products.
For the above reasons, as of January 1, 2018, Earthly Body has executed a unilateral
Minimum Advertised Price “MAP Policy”. This policy is designed to establish and
implement advertised pricing standards for specific Earthly Body Products.
Earthly Body will cease selling all products that are maintained under the MAP Policy to
retailers who advertise prices for products that are below the MAP / Minimum Advertised
Pricing. Below are valuable guidelines to review. The guidelines are for if you DO NOT
follow the MAP / Minimum Advertised Pricing and/or subsequent revised MAP / Minimum
Advertised Pricing guidelines given. The guidelines will be applied to all print, radio,
internet, television and all other electronic advertising vehicles. These are the boundaries:
1. Retailers will be provided one (1) warning for their non-compliance with MAP. If the
retailer has been removed from an ecommerce site for failing to follow MAP
guidelines they will only be reinstated one (1) time.
2. Any subsequent MAP violations by a retailer after the first violation will result in
Earthly Body not reinstating that seller.
3. Earthly Body reserves the right to cease providing product to any retailer in
violation of the MAP Policy. Earthly Body maintains the right to modify or change
the MAP Policy at any time and not limited to the list of products subject to the MAP
Policy and/or its MAP list on a sixty (60) Day notice.
MAP policy is for advertised prices only. This MAP pricing does not apply to prices actually
sold by retailers.
Any questions or inquires pertaining to these policies should be sent by email to This is a unilateral statement of terms. No agreement is
required nor will we accept retailer’s agreement with this policy.
Earthly Body will meticulously uphold this policy and without prior notice, stop selling
products for the period of time stated in this MAP Policy to any retailer that does not follow
the MAP Policies set. This MAP policy can unilaterally be changed or revised by Earthly
Body, and only by management of Earthly Body.
This policy is to protect both our retailers and Earthly Body. Following this policy will allow
Earthly Body to continue to build a successful brand. MAP Policy & Price List is effective
January 1, 2018. You will note that the MAP pricing is the MSRP.
21900 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311
Please note that this MAP policy applies to advertised prices, not the prices at which
products are actually sold, and each retailer is free to set its actual resale price for any
product independently and Earthly Body will neither seek nor accept any agreement with
respect to such resale prices.
All Sales Reps and Distributors must have a fundamental understanding of the above
effective immediately.
Kevin Wachs/CEO
Toll Free: 877-324-4367
Direct: 818-466-5637
Fax: 866-409-2309