Empire Labs – Clone A Willy Amazon MAP Restriction

August 23 , 2017
Dear On-Line Retailer

Due to the numerous complaints we’ve received over the years regarding sales of our products on Amazon, we’ve decided to take this issue into our own hands.  We have great expectations for the future of our Clone-A-Willy product line, and we are dedicated to its growth and success.  However, we’ve encountered obstacles surrounding Amazon sellers. These include but are not limited to;
• Devaluing the products by selling our kits far below MSRP
• Poor customer service which has led to some negative reviews that could have been easily avoided
• Grey market kits being sold which are not manufactured by our company, causing confusion in the market place
• Outdated images and product descriptions which do not properly represent the product
We believe that these issues create a threat to the new growth of our product line. This has caused us to take measures that will protect the integrity of our products from unauthorized Amazon sellers and sub-MAP pricing.

To that end, we have formed an exclusive partnership deal that allows us full control of sales of our Clone-A-Willy products on Amazon.  Effective immediately, we are issuing a notice of intent to implement this partnership.

We are sending this notice out to ALL of our buyers whether you sell on Amazon or not.  From this point forward, we do NOT authorize any Amazon sellers to sell any of our Clone-A-Willy products. The necessary arrangements have been made to have ALL unauthorized violators shut down within 14 days.  From the time of this message, you have 14 days to sell through your current inventory. If any unauthorized sellers are still listing after the 14 day period, the next notice they will get will be directly from Amazon informing them they have been removed from the listing.
We’re confident that these measures will increase sales for every distributor selling Clone-A-Willy, whether they’re sold online or in stores.  They’ll be an increase in profits by ensuring MAP pricing will be strictly enforced on Amazon, making Clone-A-Willy even more profitable for all of our distributors.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

We thank you for your continued support of our products and we look forward to working with you to make 2017 the biggest year ever for Clone-A-Willy!
Thank you!
Jamie Hughes
Operations Manager
Empire Labs, Inc