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L’AMOUROSE MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE (MAP) AGREEMENT DISTRIBUTOR / RETAILER AGREEMENT This agreement is between (the distributor of L’AMOUROSE), hereinafter referred to as “DISTRIBUTOR” and hereinafter referred to as the retailer. PURPOSE OF AGREEMENT This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions by an under which retailer will be permitted to sell said product line in , and is limited to sales in . TERMS OF AGREEMENT Unless terminated hereinafter provided this agreement shall remain in force indefinitely and govern all transactions between the parties relating to the above referred product line. ACCEPTANCE OF ORDERS Retailer may send purchase orders by mail, email, facsimile, or over the telephone. Purchase orders must include the Retailer’s Name, billing address, the address to which the products are to be shipped and the item number, and the number of units being orders. For E-commerce sites, a full list of URL’s featuring the L’AMOUROSE brand must be provided. All purchase orders sent by retailer are subject to acceptance by DISTRIBUTOR. DISTRIBUTOR will use its best efforts to fill accepted orders with 48 – 72 hours and will use its best efforts to advise retailer in advance of any inability to make full and timely delivery of any order. DISTRIBUTOR is not responsible for any lost sales or revenues resulting for a delay in filling any order. MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE In order to protect the integrity of the L’AMOUROSE product line and its retailer network, the retailer may not advertise the resale price of the product for less than the price set forth below, which excludes shipping and handling charges: Retailer may not directly or indirectly discount said advertised prices in any manner whatsoever, including but not limited to providing free products or accessories to its customers, providing promotional coupons / giveaways / sales, or by discounting the otherwise standard shipping cost to its customers. Should retailer fail to comply with the minimum advertised resale price provision, DISTRIBUTOR shall have the right to immediately terminate retailer’s right to purchase products from L’AMOUROSE under this agreement. This applies to designated URL websites, as well as ‘Storefronts’ under the blanket sites (Ebay, Amazon, etc). AMAZON, EBAY, BUY NOW AND OTHER THIRD-PARTY ONLINE MARKETPLACES L’Amourose products are not allowed to be sold to companies or individuals to be sold on Amazon, eBay, Buy Now or any other third-party online marketplace without prior notification to and approval from L’Amourose. L’Amourose products cannot be drop-shipped on behalf of sellers who sold the product through one of these sites. L’Amourose products cannot be sold by the distributor on any of these sites without prior notification to and approval from L’Amourose. Any products sold on these websites without prior approval from L’Amourose are NOT covered by the warranty as listed below. If either the distributor or retailer are found to be in violation of this policy, L’Amourose reserves the right to cease sales to the distributor or retailer in violation. WARRANTY / RETURN POLICY All L’AMOUROSE products carry an 18 month warranty which covers defects in workmanship or materials in the mechanical and electrical parts. Detailed warranty information and instructions are provided with each product distributed by L’AMOUROSE. Dismantling or modification of the product in any way invalidates this warranty. Products purchased for below the prices outlined in the following MAP table are NOT covered by this warranty. DISTRIBUTOR/RETAILER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT By signing below, I acknowledge and agree to the stipulations indicated in this distributor / retailer agreement. I further agree that my account will have no recourse, legally or otherwise, against DISTRIBUTOR upon account termination, and all monies owed and outstanding balances will become due and payable immediately. I have the authority to sign this document and execute this Distributor / Retailer agreement on behalf of my company and related agents of my company. I have read and understood the document and by voluntarily signing below, agree to all terms and conditions herein. I further understand that any false and/or misleading information could result in the irrevocable termination of my account with DISTRIBUTOR.