MD Science Map Agreement Effective April 3 2017

April 3, 2017

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MD Science – Letter to Amazon Resellers 04-03-2017

Hello from M.D Science Lab and Swiss Navy®, We have great expectations for Swiss Navy®, and we are dedicated to its growth and success. At this stage, we have encountered many obstacles surrounding Amazon.

We believe that these issues create a threat to the new growth that we are looking to nurture. This has caused M.D Science Lab to take measures that will protect the integrity of its products from unauthorized Amazon sellers and sub-MAP pricing.

To that end, the leadership team at M.D Science Lab has formed an exclusive partnership deal that allows us full control of sales of all our products on Amazon. Effective immediately, M.D Science Lab is issuing a notice of intent to implement this partnership. From this point forward, M. D. Science Lab does NOT authorize any Amazon sellers. The necessary arrangements have been made to have ALL unauthorized violators shut down in 14 days.

From the time of this message, you have 14 days to sell through your current inventory. Please reply to this message to confirm you have received it and understand. Please note this 14 day period is a courtesy we are offering you to sell through your current inventory. If we do not receive your confirmation within 24 hours, the 14 day period will be VOID and we will start taking action immediately.

We appreciate your past business with us and recognize that you may have other online websites not connected to Amazon that you may wish to sell remaining inventory through. We are open to review proposals for this matter. Please contact us to discuss further.

Thank you, M.D Science Lab, LLC -and- SWISS NAVY®

download the Reseller Policy Here

(27908433)MD Science Lab Authorized Reseller Policy with Cover Letter (8-1-17)