Satisfyer MAP Policy and Web Account Approval Process

Dear Williams Trading Co Partners

Please note effective immediately all on-line retailers are required to be approved as an “Authorized Reseller”  for Web Site Account approval. If you are presently a drop shipment customer you will also be required to provide an application for approval. In addition to the terms  required as outlined in the Re-Seller Purchase Agreement, full (MAP) Minimum Advertised Pricing is required per the attached MAP Pricing Guidelines.

Please review the manufacturer communication outlining this policy and submit your Re-Seller Agreement for approval. All final approval will come direct from Jerome Bensimon Vice President of Sales

You can download all required forms here are the following links:

 MAP Schedule (Effective May 1, 2017)


Satisfyer Authorized Online Reseller Application and Agreement (Purchases from Distributor) (1)

Satisfyer Authorized Online Drop-ship Reseller Application and Agreement (1)


 US Minimum Advertised Price Policy (Effective 5-1-2017) (1)

New Authorized Re-Seller Program Required for Satisfyer

May 04, 2017

Dear Retailer,

At eis GmbH, we are committed to you and your customers—the distributor and retailer partners that have helped our company become a leader in the sexual health industry. To protect the Satisfyer brand and the integrity of our authorized distribution channels, eis GmbH is announcing and implementing an Authorized Reseller Program.

Among other benefits, this program will ensure that all sellers of Satisfyer products understand and take the steps necessary to ensure product quality and provide the excellent customer service that is integral to our brand reputation. In addition, this program will assist us in identifying and taking action against unauthorized sellers that are harming you, your customers, and consumers through the sale of diverted products.

Pursuant to this program, your sales of the products will be limited to customers who are “Authorized Resellers.” To become and remain an Authorized Reseller, you will be required to abide by the attached eis GmbH Authorized Reseller Purchase Terms and Conditions.

In addition, if any of your Authorized Reseller customers wish to sell Satisfyer products online, they will be required to identify the websites where they intend to sell our products and obtain our approval through a simple registration process. Customers that wish to sell Satisfyer products online should contact us at as soon as possible to obtain the necessary approval.

Online retailers with whom you have agreements to drop-ship Satisfyer products are also subject to Authorized Reseller Program requirements. Please have these customers contact us at as soon as possible to become an “Authorized Drop-ship Reseller.”

We are committed to making the implementation of the Authorized Reseller Program as efficient and easy as possible for you and your customers. If you have any questions regarding the Program, please contact us.

Finally, we have updated our unilateral eis GmbH United States Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“MAP Policy”), which applies to all resellers of eis GmbH products in the United States. The updated MAP Policy is effective May 1, 2017

Thank you for your careful attention to the attached documents and for your continued support of the Satisfyer and Partner brands.
Kind regards,

Jerome Bensimon
Vice President of Sales