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MAP Policy

  MAP Policy

We at Sola are committed to quality and the best consumer experience with our products. To support this objective we have established a MAP policy. MAP policies also protect you, the retailer. This policy applies to retail sales in every channel such as Internet, mail order, brick and mortar, home parties and any other retail sales channel. This policy applies to all countries except where it is prohibited by law.

  The Minimum Advertised Price [MAP] shall not be less than 75% of the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price [MSRP]

MAP Pricing


  • Sola Cue – item# SL-02102 – MAP: $79.50
  • Sola Sync – item# SL-03101 – MAP: $123
  • Sola Jett – item# SL-04100 – MAP: $90
  • Sola Hop – item# SL-07100 – MAP: $90
  • Sola Egg Massager -Passion Set – item# SL-09100 – MAP: $118.50


Sola Egg Massager – Wellness Set – item# SL-08101 – MAP: $103.50

  Any attempt to circumvent our MAP policy through coupons, rebates, BOGOs or any other manner will be considered a violation of our MAP policy. this will result in the following:

  1. You will be contacted by Sola or by our distributor and you have 2 business days to correct the violation.
  2. Failure to correct violation and/or a 2nd violation will result in….
  3. Sola will cease to supply the offending party and/or the distributor.

This policy is non-negotiable. Sola retains all rights to amend, revise or cancel this policy. Sola retains the right to reinstate offending party at its sole discretion.

  Remember, the above policies were put in place not only to protect our brand, Sola. It is also put in place to protect you, the reseller. Thank you for your support and understanding.

The Below Signed is in agreement and will abide by the Sola agreement

On Line E Commerce “SITE NAME” – list retail store name, web site name and/or exact URL or WebSite – ( this application can not be processed without the exact selling link for approval) URL must be clickable to review selling store.

Business Name                 __________________________

Full Business Address _____________________________

Website URL           ____________________________________

Amazon Seller Account name  _____________________________

Ebay Seller account name ___________________________

Email address for all MAP communications _______________________

Authorized Representative of Business _________________________

Signature                      ________________________________________

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