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Today’s Topic: Strap On Play using Cloud 9’s New Strapless Dildo

Hi, I’m Kylie, and today we are going to learn all about Strap-on Play, as well as introduce you to Cloud 9’s New Strapless Dildo, the newest edition to the Cloud 9 family of products.

strapless dildo

Many women, men and couples are interested in exploring strap-on play together as a way to open up erotic possibilities in their love life.

The key to building your strap-on toy sales is to make sure that you and your customers are educated on strap-on play, so they can try out new ways to explore sexual empowerment and pleasure together.

Strap-on play is an erotic activity that couples can do together that builds trust, opens communication, fulfills fantasies and creates new ways to explore their orgasmic experience.

Curiosity About Strap-on Play Can Translate into Sales

couple shopping for sex toys

With the increase in popularity of strap-on play becoming more mainstream, men, women and couples are becoming more curious about this new erotic adventure they can explore with their partner.  This gives you, the sales representative, the opportunity to educate the consumer about strap-on play and help them choose appropriate pleasure products to explore this new exciting activity.

What is Strap-on Play?

strap ons

Strap-on play is the use of a strap-on dildo (or faux penis) worn by one partner to sexually penetrate the other partner.  Strap-ons can be worn by anyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation but are usually worn by women to penetrate their partner either vaginally or anally.  Female to male strap-on sex has a specific name called pegging.

Why Use a Strap-on?

There are many reasons why a couple may want to use a strap-on for sexual play.  These include:

Female to Female Sex:  Strap-on play is a popular way for same sex women to achieve intercourse together with over 50% of queer-identified women taking part in it as a regular sexual activity.

Pegging: Strap-on play between heterosexual couples is also on the rise as well, with more than 50% of straight men admitting they enjoy anal sex with their female partners.

women and sex toys

Erectile Dysfunction: Hollow strap-ons can be worn by men who have difficulty getting and/or maintaining an erection in order to facilitate penetrative sex.

Longer Lasting:  Strap-ons can also be used by men to last longer in the bedroom and give him more stamina, thus prolonging intercourse and giving their partner more stimulation.

Oral Pleasure: Some couples enjoy simulating oral sex on a strap-on dildo, which can be visually stimulating.

Role Reversal: Some couples like roleplaying with power exchange and/or role reversal (gender bending) in which the female takes on the active role of a “top” and the male takes on the receptive role as a “bottom”.  For men this allows them to be more receptive, vulnerable and to give up control in the bedroom. For women they can enjoy being in the seat of power and giving pleasure to their partner.

What is Pegging?

Pegging is a sexual activity where a woman penetrates a man anally using a strap-on dildo.  Pegging allows couples to explore their sexual boundaries and fulfill their fantasies for deeper intimacy.  For men, pegging can be a highly erotic and orgasmic experience because it involves stimulating the prostate gland or male g-spot, which can lead to more powerful, as well as multiple orgasms.  According to Rubie Ryder from Pegging Paradise, “Pegging can provide him with orgasms 10 times more powerful that he has ever experienced with a lot more ejaculate.”

While pegging may seem like a new thing, it has actually been fairly popular for quite some time.  In fact, in 1998, the first “Bend Over Boyfriend” instructional video on “pegging” was released and since then interest in pegging has grown.

The term was popularized in 2001 when Dan Savage and his readers of “Savage Love” recognized that there was no name for the act of female on male strap on sex.  Thus, “pegging” was born.

abbi broad city pegging scene

Broad City, Season 2 (2015): Abbi pegs her next-door neighbor and longtime crush, Jeremy

These days pegging has become even more popular due to greater awareness of the male prostate, more open views about sexuality, and couple’s willingness to explore a variety of sexual practices and power exchange scenarios together.  The act of pegging has become a “thing” now, featured pop culture TV shows and films.

What and Where is the Prostate Gland?

prostate walnut

The prostate gland (or p-spot) is a sexual gland, about the size of a walnut, located just inside the anus 2-3 inches.  It is positioned beneath the bladder at the base of a man’s penis, just in front of his rectum, above the perineum. It is responsible for “secret[ing] a slightly alkaline fluid” and “contains some smooth muscles that help expel semen during ejaculation.”  The prostate is highly sensitive and can be stimulated by pressing up into the perineum (externally), or by penetrating the anus (internally) with a finger, anal toy, or dildo.

Why Would a Couple Want to Engage in Pegging?

couple sex communication

There are plenty of reasons why a couple may want to try female to male strap on sex.  The foremost reason would be that it is pleasurable. For the man it provides a way to stimulate his prostate which can lead to very intense as well as multiple orgasms.  Women can also get pleasure from pegging as well, by using a strapless strap on like Cloud 9s new Strapless Dildo, in which she inserts part of the dildo in her vagina to pleasure her G-spot.

Strap-on Sex for Stimulating the G-spot

Women can enjoy g-spot stimulation and cervical stimulation with strap-on play as well.  Interestingly enough, the g-spot which is also called the female prostate is located in the same area on a woman as the prostate gland is in a man, just beneath the urethral sponge.  It is an erogenous zone located 1-3 inches inside the vagina on the front (anterior) wall.  Stimulation of this area can lead to powerful orgasms and sometimes female ejaculation, in some women.

How to Use a Strap-on


Before you get started with strap-on sex it is important to talk to your partner first to see how open they are to the idea.  Once you have both consented to exploring strap-on play, then you are ready to indulge in this erotic pleasure.

couple pegging


For women, it may be difficult wielding a strap-on for the first time, because it is not a part of their physical anatomy, so they have no reference on how to use it.  Also, a strap-on has no nerve endings, so the wearer can’t feel the layout of the anatomy of who they are penetrating. For this reason, it is important to get the lay of the land, so-to-speak, by using your fingers first to penetrate your partner’s vagina or anus and feel around for their g-spot or p-spot first.  The anal canal is curved so doing this will give you an idea of the angle you will need to use for penetration. Once it is located, you can then have a mental image of where it is located so you can find it with your strap-on dildo.

Practice Solo First:

Another way to get use to sporting a strap-on is to wear it for a while before you intend to have sex with your partner, to get use to the feeling of it attached to your body.  Trying walking around with it on, or practice thrusting and moving your hips. For strapless strap-ons this is especially true because part of the dildo is inserted in the wearer’s vagina, which needs to be held in place by squeezing the vaginal muscles.  Wearing a strapless dildo beforehand will help increase stamina and build expertise. Plus, it will make you much more comfortable and less self-conscious when you do go to use it for real.

Warm Up:

Whether you are engaging in vaginal or anal strap-on play, engage in lots of foreplay and warm your partner up first.  For anal play, it is a good idea to begin with an external massage of the buttocks and anal opening first, to prepare your partner for penetration.


Use lots of lube when engaging in strap-on play.  The anus doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina, and sex toys can be can be dry and cause friction without lube.  Cloud 9 Novelties Paraben Free Water Based Personal Lubricant is safe to use on any sex toy material.


For anal sex it is important for the partner who is being penetrated to be very relaxed.  The more relaxed they are the easier it will be to open up.  Many couples enjoy taking a bath beforehand to relax and clean themselves thoroughly before anal sex.

couple taking bath


Try various sex positions.  This is rather obvious, but some sex positions will be easier than others when using a strap on.  For pegging, doggie style is the most popular, but you could also try missionary with his hips propped on a pillow and legs raised, and spooning may be a comfortable position to try as well.

Go Slow:  

The anus is not like the vagina. It doesn’t stretch as much and isn’t as resilient.  So, begin slowly. Start with simply rubbing the tip of your dildo over the opening of the anus until your partner gets used to that and begins to open for you. When they are ready, you can slowly insert just the head of the dildo.  If this feels good, continue, slowly inserting the dildo one inch at a time, until your partner becomes accustomed to it.


Get feedback.  This is very important when you are having any type of sex, but in particular for strap on sex and anal sex.  You can’t feel with your dildo, so it is hard to know how deep you are thrusting, or at what angle or how that feels to your partner.  In addition, with anal sex the one being penetrated should be in control over the depth, force and speed of the penetration, so their feedback is important.  Watch for body language and ask for feedback on whether what you are doing feels good or not. Stop if your partner experiences any discomfort or pain. This means stop moving right away and wait to get instructions from your partner on whether you should continue or withdraw completely.


Use your hand to hold your strap-on and to position it better as well as for more control during thrusting.


Cleanliness is very important when engaging in anal play because the anus harbours bacteria.  You may want to consider using an anal douche to clean the rectum before engaging in anal play.  Never insert a toy into her vagina if it has been in the anus without thoroughly sterilizing it first.  Anyways clean and sterilize anal toys before and after use. Only use nonporous anal toys for anal play.  Porous toys can harbor bacteria and STIs even after cleaning and can not be sterilized 100%. The Cloud 9 Strapless Dildo is made out of high quality silicone and can be sterilized for safe use and hygienic anal play.

couple condom

Use Protection:

You can use a condom over a strap-on during strap-on play if you plan to engage in both anal and vaginal sex, or if sharing the strap-on with multiple partners, to avoid cross-contamination of bacteria. For oral sex dental dams work for both cunninglingus and rimming (oral to anal sex).  Gloves are also a good idea for fingering as well.

Types of Strap-ons

There are several different types of strap-ons available on the market today.


Harnesses feature straps that straddle the waist and thighs and usually have removable dildos held in by an O-ring.  Harnesses are usually sold separately, unless they come in a kit. Unfortunately, harness strap-ons do not offer internal stimulation for the wearer.

Strapless Dildos

A strapless dildo, is a strap on designed for women to wear without the aid of straps or a harness. Ideal for lesbians or heterosexual couples, the strapless dildo is made similar to a double dildo in which the woman holds the smaller bulb part of the dildo inside her vagina by squeezing her PC muscle and uses the longer end of the dildo to penetrate her partner.

strapless dildo

The benefits of using a strapless dildo is skin-to-skin contact and the wearer is able to feel the thrusting movements better which eliminates the disconnection that some women experience with a standard strap-on.  Also, the bulb massages the wearer’s G-spot as she holds it inside, giving her pleasure during the experience as well. If vibration is included, this offers the wearer additional stimulation. The Cloud 9 Strapless Dildo features a large vibrating bullet (above) that fits inside the dildo to ensure maximum pleasure.

Clenching the PC muscle is good for the vagina and libido as it is akin to doing kegel exercises that strengthen the PC muscle.  Clenching the PC muscle aids in sexual arousal and, over time, kegel exercises lead to better, stronger and more intense orgasms.

Finally, if you need some additional support a strapless dildo can also be used with a harness to aid in keeping the bulb inside the vagina and for greater control.  However, most people find they enjoy the freedom of wielding their strapless dildo without a harness. That way they don’t have struggle with straps in the heat of the moment.

How to Choose a Strap-on

To help your customer choose the appropriate strap-on for them, there are certain considerations they should think about before deciding.  You can assist them in selecting the perfect toy by asking appropriate questions and by providing your expert knowledge about strap-on toys. The following shows you the unique features of the Cloud 9 Strapless Dildo, as well as what to look for when buying a strap-on.

how to choose a strap on


The shape of a strap-on dildo one of the most important considerations when choosing a strap-on dildo.  A strap-on dildo should have a slight curve in order to facilitate strap-on play for both anal and vaginal penetration.  This allows the user to get the right angle when penetrating their partner, so they can hit the prostate gland or g-spot for more pleasurable stimulation.


designDesign and quality of a strap-on is also important.  The best designs are those with fewer moving parts or pieces, as there is less to break down over time.  A solid, strapless design is ideal for this reason.


Silicone is the best type of softer, flesh-like material for many reasons.  It is completely body safe, hypoallergenic, phthalate free, and can be disinfected.  Silicone is also firm, yet supple and flexible, so is perfect for strap-on play and penetration.  Silicone also has a long shelf-life and will not break down like other soft materials over time, so will last a long while.


For beginners, size is an important consideration.  It is usually wise to start small and build your way up in size.  However, not all of the strap-on dildo needs to be inserted, so if you take care and use control a larger strap-on is also suitable.  A larger dildo also gives you room to hold it at the base, so you can wield more control as well.


While many strap-on toys don’t have vibration, it is definitely an added bonus, especially for the wearer who will benefit from the additional pleasure.  The Cloud 9 Strapless Dildo comes with a larger bullet vibrator for increased stimulation. Most strap-ons don’t include a vibrator, and if they do, it is a much smaller bullet.  Our bullet is longer so offers more stimulation into the dildo for enhanced pleasure.

strap on vibrator


Yes, we don’t want to forget about pleasure!  After all, that is the reason for getting a sex toy in the first place.  While a strap-on should be pleasurable for the person who is getting penetrated, it is also important that the wearer enjoy pleasure as well, so the experience is more reciprocal. That way, strap-on sex more closely resembles real penis to vagina or anal sex, so both partners enjoy the experience.

The Cloud 9 Strapless Dildo was built for pleasure.  For the partner being penetrated, it features an upward curved shaft for easy penetration, so it hits those spots just right, and has a realistic veined shaft for additional stimulation.  The wearer can enjoy the specially designed pleasure bulb with added vibration, and four ribbed pleasure points that stimulate the clitoris and vulva during use.

The Cloud 9 Strapless Dildo combines vaginal pleasure, clitoral pleasure and anal pleasure all in one, including vibration!

Introducing Cloud 9 Novelties Pro Sensual Series Strapless Dildo

Introducing the Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Strapless Dildo, the latest toy in the Cloud 9 family of products.  This pleasure product was created by Cloud 9 Novelties with a unique veined design that is exclusive in the US.

strapless dildo

The Cloud 9 Strapless Dildo is a uniquely designed product allowing the user to insert the bulb end into place while penetrating your partner with the realistic curved shaft end.

strap on

The unique angle design of this strapless device will allow full control while you hold the inserted strapless in place. The ridges at the base of the dildo provide additional stimulation with (4) ribbed texture pleasure points once inserted.  Can be used with or without a harness.

This phthalate free body safe design features an overall bulb length of 2.95 inches, overall insertable length of 6.51 inches and shaft diameter of 1.5 inches.

  • Phthalate Free Hypoallergenic Silicone
  • Shaft upward curve for easy partner fit
  • Perfect for use without a harness.
  • (4) Ribbed Texture Pleasure Points
  • Bonus Vibrator and Travel Bag Included
  • Realistic Veined Penis Shaft
  • Vibrator requires 3AG13/LR44 batteries, included
  • Available in 3 color choices: Flesh, Tan and Brown

What Makes the Cloud 9 Strapless Dildo Unique?

strap on pleasure ridges

When demonstrating the Cloud 9 Strapless Dildo make sure to make the customer aware of these unique selling features:

  • Created by Cloud 9 Novelties with a unique veined design that is exclusive in the US.
  • 4 ribbed pleasure ridges for clitoral stimulation rather than 3 for extra stimulation.
  • Features larger hole in base for oversized removable vibrator that sends vibrations into the bulb and shaft.
  • Free Vibrator, Batteries and Travel Bag included.
  • 100% High Grade Silicone.
  • Half the retail price of competitive products.



The Cloud 9 Strapless Dildo products come in an elegantly designed, eye-catching luxury box, that fully showcases the toy so the customer can see the exact size, shape and design, in order to make a well-informed purchasing decision.


Our unique, easy to understand packaging is consumer friendly, and has a simple icon system that is clear and easy to read so that the consumer can find exactly the right product for their needs.

Don’t forget to Upsell and Cross Sell Compatible Products

In order to maximize the potential of your store, the customer’s shopping experience needs to be the highest quality possible. A number of things contribute to this, including upselling.

Customers who purchase strap-on products may also be interested in other essential upsell and cross sell products.  Don’t forget to introduce your customers to the industry essentials of add-ons such as toy cleaner, condoms, lubes, anal douches and cleaning systems.  They may not be aware of these other products, so this is a great opportunity to educate them. Adding a simple add-on at the register will help to build your average sales ticket.

anal add ons

Cloud 9 Novelties Paraben Free Water Based Personal Lubricant is safe to use on any sex toy material.  This premium personal lubricant is thick, gentle, feels silky on the skin and is long lasting, so perfect for anal use.  It is recommended not to use silicone lubricant on silicone toys.

Cloud 9 Fresh Triclosan-free Premium Toy Cleaner is Eco-friendly and Triclosan-free.  This Premium Toy Cleaner is powerful enough to clean surface bacteria. It safely disinfects all personal products and is water soluble. Safe for all types of materials from plastic to rubber and silicone. Keep your favorite pleasure products clean and safe with spray on cleaner. Our unique Cloud 9 agent gently cleans and protect, yet it is mild enough to use every time. Packaged in a convenient pump spray bottle with a sealed cap.


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[1] The Top 15 Lesbian Sex Activities In Order Of Popularity. Strap-on play – 58.8%

[2] In terms of scientific study, Paul Nelson, a clinical sexologist at The Men’s Sexual Health Project in New York, also confirms what now seems obvious — we’ve indeed reached peak pegging. “It all started with the ‘P-Spot’ craze in the late 1990s,” he explains. “Straight guys on admitted they liked their asses played with and started asking their girlfriends to do it. The popularity has grown steadily ever since.”For his part, Nelson asks all of his new patients to complete an intake form about their experience with various sexual activities, including “anal play.” It turns out that more than half of his straight male clients answer that they love having something in their ass.

[3] Ruby Ryder. New to Pegging.

[4] Prostate Gland.

[5] Rebecca Chalker (2011). The Clitoral Truth: The Secret World at Your Fingertips. Seven Stories Press. p. 95.

Cloud 9 Novelties launches the new Pro Sensual Double Dare Training Plug

Cloud 9 Novelties Introduces Pro Sensual Series

Double Dare Anal Plug, Premium Silly Smooth Silicone with a Five Year Consumer Warranty

double dare

This unique exclusive toy from Cloud 9 Novelties features a dual end plug for anal training. The complete family of plugs includes a vibrating butt plug, in addition to a medium and small plug.

Pennsauken, NJ. – Cloud 9 Novelties is pleased to introduce the Pro Sensual Series of anal plugs featuring the uniquely designed Double Dare. Pro Sensual Series will launch at the Williams Trading ILS booth 647-750 during the International Lingerie Show at The RIO, Las Vegas, NV.


The Pro Sensual Series adult toys are the newest addition to the Cloud 9 family of products. These fresh and innovative designs use the highest grade of silicone, are phthalate free and offer unique cloud textures that create awesome sensations during anal play. Each Pro Sensual plug is available in black or purple- colors that are appealing to both men and women – and has a uniquely shaped handle for easy insertion and removal. Pro Sensual Series offers a five year warranty on the entire product line up.


Only the Pro Sensual Series Collection features the Double Dare anal plug that includes two sizes in one.  Connected by a beautiful cloud-shaped handle, this unique plug is like no other on the market.  The Double Dare is a one-of-a-kind anal toy that is a must have product in your adult toy inventory.


“The Pro Sensual Series of anal toys will be very successful, based on its value price position.” says Scott D., Director of sales and marketing. “We are pleased to offer this affordable hand-crafted product line that encourages retailers to build their sales basket.” Additional product launch support for retailers include free e-learning at Williams Trading University (WTU) and a limited time only Dong-A-Thon sale.

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Williams Trading Co. is a full line Adult Wholesale Distributor with over 40 years of excellence in the industry, carrying over 20,000 different items; with new products added weekly. Check out for its simple and effective online ordering system, backed by a knowledgeable sales staff. Over the years the company has expanded to offering direct drop-shipping services for online retailers, with the launch of





Williams Trading Co Expands the Cloud 9 Collection, made in the USA, with a ‘Dominate Me Harness’

Capturecloud 9
PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Wholesale Distributor Williams Trading Co announces the expansion of its private label line of adult novelties, The Nirvana Collection by Cloud 9.

This value-priced exclusive product line from Williams Trading Co. features 24 items, including dongs ranging from sizes 6 inches up to 16 inches in length, various girths and color selections of black, flesh, purple and red, all are completely phthalate-free PVC.

The newest addition to the Cloud 9 Collection is the ‘Dominate Me Universal Strap-on Harness’ which is compatible with every dong in the collection. As part of the strap-on package, this new item comes with a bonus mini-vibe and three rings (1.5” 1.75” and 2.0 “) for universal compatibility. As the line expands, it will include items such as LBGT kits, complete with carrying cases and a full assortment of cock rings.

This collection has been very successful based on its value price position and it is one of the few adult novelty lines that is American made. The Nirvana Collection by Cloud 9 also features a classic style purple and flesh dong with a built-in vibrator, available in both the 7 and 9 inch sizes.

“We are pleased to offer this affordable hand-crafted Cloud 9 phthalate-free PVC product line by working with a manufacturer here in the U.S. that could meet our specifications. With so many toys being manufactured off-shore, we specifically looked for a partnership that would help with local employment in the U.S.” – Scott D., Director of Sales and Marketing.

“The Cloud 9 Collection offers a high margin dong line with attractive clamshell packaging to our customer base.” said Rich Pyne, VP of Sales. “This line does very well with our brick and mortar dealer base in addition to our e-commerce customers.”The ‘Dominate Me Harness’ from the Nirvana Collection by Cloud 9 is in stock and available for immediate shipment as part of the Cloud 9 product line. This product line is supported with both a two and four foot planogram package including a custom merchandising header for in-store display.

Williams Trading Co. is a full line Adult Wholesale Distributor with over 40 years of excellence in the industry, carrying over 20,000 different items; with new products added weekly. Check out for its simple and effective online ordering system, backed by a knowledgeable sales staff. Over the years the company has expanded to offering direct drop-shipping services for online retailers, with the launch of ###

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Williams Trading Re-launches Cloud 9 Line

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Wholesale Distributor Williams Trading Company has announced the re-launch of its private label line of adult novelties, The Nirvana Collection by Cloud 9.

The distributor says its signature collection has been a hugely successful line for many years but in early 2013, the collection had undergone a facelift under the creative direction of Marketing and Promotions Coordinator Kelly Szwed.

“I was asked to undertake this project to help bring the collection’s packaging up to date as
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The 22 piece collection includes dongs ranging in sizes from six inches up to 16 inches in
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collection is the Dominate Me Universal Harness which is compatible with every dong in the
collection. As the line expands, it will include such items as vibrators and bondage accessories, the company said.

“As a company we are so excited to launch the line with its new packaging,” said Rich Pyne, sales manager. “We are very proud of the new look and are certain that customers will be attracted to both the beautiful look of the packaging as well as the incredible price points!”

The re-launch of the Nirvana Collection by Cloud 9 will make its official debut at the International Lingerie Show, being held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, from Sept. 23-25, 2013.


Williams Trading booth #654-656 will showcase  Nirvana by Cloud 9 and a Relaunch Show Special will be offered to both online and brick-and-mortar stores. The show special is valid from Sept. 23-27, and not limited just to attendees.

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