Cloud 9 Weekender Starter Kits Move Fast during the Traveling Summer Season

Cloud 9 Novelties Expands Successful Kit offering for the upcoming Summer Traveling season.

Have Kit Will Travel.……..Cloud 9 Premiums Starter Kit expands it’s best selling kit line with a new female version item WTCKIT06.  Build your sales basket with (2) fast moving kits from Cloud 9. Each kit comes complete with a weekender carrying case a complete assortment of pleasure products. Are you offering kits in your store today? The WTCKIT01 Kit from Cloud 9 has become the number one sales mover in a short period of time. All items are in stock for immediate shipment, contact our sales rep to place orders.


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Amazon Prep Services and Drop Shipment FBA Resellers

Amazon Prep Services and Drop Shipment FBA Resellers

Mar 07, 2014 09:42am

Muffs and Cuffs is offering full prep services for all Adult Resellers. Please contact Rich at 800 423 8587. You can view our video here below or visit our site to see the range of services we offer.