Jimmyjane Unveils Live Sexy Line of Intro Vibes

Jimmyjane Unveils Live Sexy Line of Intro Vibes

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SAN FRANCISCO — Jimmyjane has introduced Live Sexy, a new line of vibrators that invites consumers to start experiencing sexual innovations.

Live Sexy, its creators said, is built on the foundation of Jimmyjane’s vibrator innovations and offer a more simplistic presentation, offered at an approachable price point.

The Live Sexy line of Intro vibrators is designed to create a more accessible option to Jimmyjane pleasure for both novice and experienced users, alike, the company said.

“Intro vibrators are battery-operated versions of Jimmyjane’s award-winning designs for the consumer looking for quality items in the mid-tier price range,” the company said. “All of the vibrators are waterproof, battery-operated, made with body-safe, phthalate-free silicone and come with a one-year warranty.  Jimmyjane looked to their proven, top-selling shapes and forms for the Intro line, which each have three speeds and three vibration patterns.”

Robert Rheaume, president of Jimmyjane, said: “We felt there was an opportunity to use what we have learned and all of our customer feedback to create a line that was more approachable in price, yet still kept some of the most sought after features of our top products. We are really proud of this line, and really excited to broaden our audience and bring the joy of Jimmyjane into bedrooms everywhere.”

The products include:

  • Intro 1 — “Slim, simple and surprisingly powerful, Intro 1 is the perfect choice for vibrator newbies, frequent travelers, or for couples during sex. Designed for discreet pleasure on the go.”  MSRP: $29
  • Intro 2 — “Intro 2 offers two powerful motors — on in each flexible ear — for a double dose of pleasure. Pinch or squeeze the ears together to surround your most sensitive parts in sensation.” MSRP: $59
  • Intro 4 — “This classic profile should be a staple in every bedside drawer. Intro 4’s oversized motor and unique shape is classic redefined. Its narrow hourglass figure is curved for comfort — perfect for those looking for powerful, internal or external stimulation.”  MSRP: $39
  • Intro 6 — “Intro 6 brings a new level of internal excitement with its unique shape. The curved shape is designed to put power right where it counts delivering delightful stimulation to the erogenous zone known as the G-spot.”  MSRP: $49

“We invest a lot in designing each item for Jimmyjane. To be able to take this R&D process and leverage it into a midtier line, is lending the premium design model for an entry-level product. The consumer is the one that wins,” said Peter Caropelo, vice president of Creative Development at Jimmyjane.
Live Sexy line of Intro vibrators come in pink, purple and blue and will be available through Jimmyjane retailers and JimmyJane.com in April.

New Form 2 from Jimmyjane now available at Williams Trading Co

Form 2 from Jimmyjane, Premium Black Silicone with 24K Gold Form 2


Five years after the award-winning FORM 2 was released, delighting critics and women everywhere, Jimmyjane has created a premium black silicone and 24K gold version of the original bestseller. This exclusive re-imagination of Jimmyjane’s two-eared favorite features special edition packaging, smooth black silicone, a sleek black charger, and a 24 karat gold-plated contact. But that’s just the outside. FORM 2 Luxury Edition offers the same two ultra-powerful motors, one in each ear. Place your wholesale order for the Form 2 Here


Features of the Form 2 from Jimmy Jane

  • Exclusive – The only rechargeable vibrator from Jimmyjane to feature 24 karat gold, an elegant black charging base, and special edition Packaging
  • Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free – Medical-grade, premium black platinum silicone and 24k gold
  • Powerful – Dual motors, one in each ear
  • Flexible Positioning – For external and clitoral stimulation
  • Intuitive Controls – Four vibration modes, five power levels
  • Waterproof – Bath-friendly and completely washable with no leaky adaptor jack
    Cordless Recharging – Simply place on the black charging base
  • Travel-Ready – Good to go with convenient button lock
  • High Performance Lithium Ion Battery – Runs over 4 hours on single charge
  • Dimensions – 3.2″ x 1.9″ at widest point (8.1 x 4.8cm)
  • Three Year Limited Warranty – Our commitment to quality

form 11 bottom

Watch the Form 2 Video Here

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How to Travel with Your Vibrator


When you pack your bag, dont forget the essentials – passport, sunscreen, and your favorite vibrator. Jimmyjane vibrators are the perfect accessories for bringing pleasure to any business trip, vacation or spontaneous getaway.

Follow these tips to sail through airport security and make your adventure a satisfying on




Bringing a vibrator on your carry-on luggage is the only way to guarantee that your beloved companion won’t disappear. Baggage screeners may not know what it is and remove it just to be safe.



If possible, remove the batteries. This is the surefire way to prevent your vibrator from accidentally turning on during transit and discharging all its battery power.
Place your batteries in a plastic bag and store them separately from the vibrator casing.


 If you’re traveling with a rechargeable vibrator, check if it has a lock feature. This will prevent it from turning on, even if its buttons are accidentally pressed.
Jimmyjane’s FORM Vibrators can all be locked.



Choose products that are small and/or discreetly designed. Small vibrators are perfect for travel, as they can be stashed just about anywhere.
Though TSA squashed reports of a 7″ limit, they have recommended people stay clear of packing larger “club-like” pleasure products in their carry on.



Pack it between other items. Rather than let your vibrator roam freely in your carry-on or luggage, pack it in a carrying case. FORM 6 and FORM 4 can be discretely tucked into your toiletry bag or a shoe.
Should your bag get searched, this will buy you time to quietly explain that you’re carrying a sex accessory, and ask that your bag be searched in private.



If questioned, answer honestly. While it may be tempting to insist your vibrator is really a pencil, chew toy or marching band baton, lying could land you in hot water. Keep it brief and straightforward.  And relax – security personnel have seen it all before. Once they realize what that curious little gadget is, they’ll most likely send you on your merry way.

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Purchase Jimmy Jane at Wholesale Pricing from Williams Trading Co

The full line of Jimmy Jane is available for purchase in a variety of styles through Williams Trading Co contact an account manager or sales@williamstrading.com  for more details. You can also view the full line of Jimmy Jane products and check wholesale pricing here by visiting our site.

Jimmy Jane is now available at Williams Trading Co

Williams Trading Co. is pleased to announce the full line of Jimmyjane is in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Jimmyjane is a design-centric brand founded on the belief that life is better with a sexy twist.They design products and experiences to provide pleasure, strengthen connection and create provocative possibility.

Williams Trading is now carrying the full Line of Jimmy Jane including the Hello Touch, Form 2, Form 3, Form 4, Form 6 and Little Chroma. We are also offering the Essentials and Indulgence Kits, The Usual Suspects and the Afterglow Natural Massage Oil Candles and the Contour Ceramic Massage Stones

“Jimmyjane is one of the newest high end line of adult novelties to hit the market and has received rave reviews.” Says Erin MacCord, marketing and vendor liaison for Williams Trading Co. “After being featured on HBO’s popular hit series, GIRLS, the products are a huge hit with 18-30 year old women and are a top selling line for our retailers.” Jimmyjane appears regularly in leading publications around the world, from top fashion magazines to preeminent business journals.


Launched in 2004, Jimmyjane has redefined the context and perception of sexual well-being. Combining sophisticated product development in San Francisco with proprietary technology, their trendy collection encourages connection and excitement without compromising style, well-being or personal values. Jimmyjane believes that sexuality is as intricate and individual as a fingerprint. Rather than dictate what is sexy, each product embraces possibility, leaving room for exploration and interpretation. With diverse lines – ranging from decadent massage candles and natural massage lotions to award-winning vibrating massagers, Jimmyjane engages each person’s unique desires.

gI_90990_120927 Hello Touch-Hand-HR

The full Jimmyjane line of toys include the unique Hello Touch wearable vibrator, the Forms collection of highly powerful vibrators wrapped in body safe silicone that are waterproof and rechargeable, the Chroma collection of sleek metal vibrators that are super quiet and offer amazing sensations when heated or chilled and the Usual Suspects collection of adult novelties that are recognizable at a glance due to their iconic design that are mainstays of popular culture.

Accessories to the Jimmyjane line include intimacy kits and massage oils. The kits are appropriately named Essentials and Indulgences and include everything you need to take action when opportunity strikes. They are convenient, compact and provide all the necessities for a spontaneous rendezvous. The Afterglow collection of massage oil candles have the perfect melting point and liquefy into luxuriant massage oil. Formulated with jojoba, shea butter, Vitamin E, soy, aloe and other botanicals, they are body safe and free from animal testing.

“Jimmyjane has a proven track record to engage customers and retail staff in entertaining conversation thereby increasing sales.” Scott D Director of Sales & Marketing for Williams Trading Co. “Jimmyjane is one of the few lines that has successfully crossed into mainstream media. That kind of marketing exposure creates an instantaneous added value to the price point.”

Purchase Jimmy Jane at Wholesale Pricing

The full line of Jimmy Jane is available for purchase in a variety of styles through Williams Trading Co contact an account manager or sales@williamstrading.com  for more details. You can also view the full line of Jimmy Jane products and check wholesale pricing here by visiting our site.