The Williams Trading Co. Exclusive Pocket Dungeon Expands Line With Ms. Ming’s Mini Benyi Kit

The Williams Trading Co. Exclusive Pocket Dungeon Expands Line With Ms. Ming’s Mini Benyi Kit

miniPennsauken, NJ – Pocket Dungeon, the first complete travel-sized BDSM kit, has expanded their line to include the Ms. Ming’s Mini Benyi Kit, in stock and available for immediate shipment just in time for the holidays.
Ms. Ming’s Mini Benyi Kit is a fantastic travel-sized collection of BDSM essentials you can have with you all the time. The mini benyi kit features the “Benyi Jou” (unique whipping cane) with detachable bullwhip, ball chain and leather flogger tips and a sensuous leather blindfold designed with deep pockets to eliminate pressure on the eyes. These bondage play essentials are stored in an elegant leather case that is so discreet, your secret pleasures will be safe.
ming-bio-pic-cropped-303x170“Pocket Dungeon has improved upon its packaging and price point with the introduction of the mini bondage kit.” Scott D., Director of Sales & Marketing, Williams Trading Company. “The slick new packaging includes a hang tab for easy slat wall display. The Ms. Ming’s Mini Benyi Kit retails for $59.95 making high end bondage play affordable for everyone.”
Each kit comes with instructions and links to videos to learn how to have the most fun with your new toy. With techniques like Angels on Roller-skates, Electric Rain Drops and Full Metal Paintbrush, you and yours will be happily surfing waves of endorphins and adrenaline.

“The demand for bondage items is surging as we get closer to the Valentine’s Day release of the blockbuster movie Fifty Shades of Grey.” Erin V., Marketing & Vendor Liaison. “The recently released second movie trailer has already gone viral with over one million views on the first day. Once again, the mystique of bondage play is at the forefront of mainstream media.”
For ordering information, call your Williams Trading Co. sales representative at 1-800-4 ADULTS today.

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Welcome to the World’s Smallest Dungeon

Welcome to the world’s smallest dungeon.

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AGWDM pocket dungeon post

Seriously. This is it. It’s not a joke. It’s not a toy. The contents of this one-pound box contain 27 items that can be used 1,000 different ways.

Ming Destiny is the creator of the Pocket Dungeon. She lives in Maui and has been in the kink lifestyle for about 25 years.

“There isn’t a lot of BDSM education in Maui, so I travel to conferences and bring back and share what I learn,” she says. “I’ve been to about 50 conferences. But I was packing about 25 pounds of gear in my checked baggage, which is half of the 50-pound limit the airlines allow. I made a challenge to myself to get all my toys down to one pound.”

She started with a sunglass-sized leather case that contained your core scene essentials.

A quality blindfold was the first and most essential item that she added to the kit. “A blindfold is essential,” she says. “With a blindfold, you establish trust early. You heighten the senses and you heighten the anticipation of the unknown. But quality is important. I wanted deep eye pockets, making it comfortable for people who wear contacts, make up or have long lashes.”

Cuffs are essential, too. The Pocket Dungeon contains two leather cuffs that attach to either the quick release carabineers or the heavy duty padlocks in the kit. These are also designed to work with the door jams, leather straps with D-rings that are slipped over the top of a closed door to create a quick St. Andrew’s cross.

To get so many items into something so pocket friendly, most of the items in the kit have to do at least double duty. The bandana in the kit serves as a gag and a cleanup rag. The kubaton, a martial arts weapon, also has a rounded edge for pressure point play. With just a little twist there is a safety knife inside that has a dull side that’s great for sensation play.

There’s enough rope to be used for CBT, a strap-on harness, a chest harness, or breast bondage. There’s also a set of finger claws for sensation play and a set of nipple clamps. Attach the padlocks on the bottom of the clamps, and voila … instant weights. One of the padlocks can also be used to lock up your Pocket Dungeon.

“You lock it up, slip it in a drawer, and your kids can’t get into it,” Ming says.

But by far the most versatile piece in the Pocket Dungeon is the Benyi Jou.

Never heard of it? It’s because Ming has the patent to this unique tool on the BDSM toy landscape.

The Benyi Jou, is a retractable telescoping set of steel poles that is easily used as a cane. When it is extended, the combination of the length and the narrow end can deliver a lovely sensual sting. Slide the segments in to each other and you can play with heavier and thuddier sensations. This is at least four canes in one.

When collapsed The Benyi Jou becomes a handle for all sorts or mischievous play. Attachments include a riding crop, chain tickler, leather flogger and a light snappy sensation leather fall and cracker attachment that makes for a very workable, powerful and portable whip.

“I thought it was important to keep things versatile so you can easily change up play to keep things interesting for both the Dominant and submissive,” Ming says.

Creating the Pocket Dungeon has been four years in the making. Word-of-mouth demand for the Pocket Dungeon spurred it into production. When Ming launched a $5,000 Indiegogo campaign last summer, she collected almost $10,000. She brought a prototype to a trade show. Williams Trading Co.picked it up as an exclusive distributor.

“The Pocket Dungeon is a great example of mainstream meets innovation.” says Scott Dantis, director of sales and marketing for Williams Trading. “S&M was once considered the dark side of sex. Such a misconception! S&M is the use of physical stimulation to increase endorphin production in the brain to heighten a person’s arousal and ultimately their orgasm. All of the dungeon toys a person would use for physical stimulation are now available in a discreet leather carrying case that’s perfect for travel or enjoyment on the go. We are pleased to work directly with Ming and Michael, the inventors of the Pocket Dungeon, and applaud their creativity to bring this kit to the BDSM market.”

The Pocket Dungeon created quite a stir. People loved the kit, but soon Ming and Williams Trading found they were inundated with requests to buy some of the items separately.

The even smaller Mini Benyi offers the key components of the Pocket Dungeon at a pocketbook-friendly price that has the deep pocket, leather blindfold, Benyi Jou, chain tickler, leather flogger and the whip attachment all in an even smaller pencil case size.

Look for the Pocket Dungeon and Mini Benyi at a sex toy store or online retailer soon.

AGWDM WT pocket dungeon banner 250This article is brought to you by Williams Trading Co. All opinions and information are genuinely my own.

Williams Trading’s Pocket Dungeon Creator Ming Destiny Chats With Andy Powell

An interview from JRL Charts with Ming Destiny, the creator of Pocket Dungeon

Original Article: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

HONOLULU, HI – Ming Destiny is a lover of art, science, sex, nature, leather and travel. She created the Pocket Dungeon because she loves travel and she loves play.

ming-bio-pic-cropped-303x170Ming has been working on Pocket Dungeon for 4 years and has raised all the money for it through her crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.

In fact Ming is also the producer and founder of a 5 day leather kink event called Leather and Leis, and she regularly hosts parties and classes furthering the BDSM lifestyle in the islands of Hawaii.

Plus, Ming is the CEO of PD Kilts, a kilt company that her and her boy have started offering high quality kilts at very affordable prices.

She identifies as a Kinky, Quirky Queer erotic adventurer, Ming lives in Hawaii with her slave of 4 years, and her 2 Dogs.

Well I was delighted to hear that Ming would chat with me about the sensational Pocket Dungeon which is exclusively distributed through Williams Trading Co.

Please welcome Ming Destiny to JRL CHARTS.

thepocketdungeonkitopenAndy Powell: Ming welcome to JRL CHARTS. Lets talk about the fabulous Pocket Dungeon now available exclusively through Williams Trading Co. How did you score such a major distributor in the Adult Entertainment Industry to move your brand through retail?

Ming: We went to Xbiz, and there was so much excitement about us! By the end of the weekend, we were absolutely overwhelmed. We had enthusiastic interest from everyone and from everywhere. India, Switzerland, Hungary, Canada, Spain, France, the Ukraine and England, to be honest it was the first time we saw the product in a global market, and as you can imagine it was over whelming. Then we met the folks at Williams Trading Co. Rich and Scott were just so friendly and enthusiastic and they saw the vision instantly. They not only saw what was in front of them but they saw the big picture and the many steps to get it there. They told us that they would help us launch because we knew there was so much we did not know we did not know, they said they would walk us through it, and they have! Williams Trading Co has helped every step of the way as we get the “kinks” out of manufacturing and has offed us so much invaluable advice. They invited us not just in to their product line database, but in to their family. They are an amazing company it feels wonderful to be with them. There is a reason they get so many awards and have been in business 40 years. You could say it was love at first sight.


Andy Powell: The Ms. Ming’s Mini Benyi kit is an even smaller version of the original, featuring the Leather Blindfold, Leather Flogger, Ball Chain Flogger, and the Benyi Bull Whip. How did you come up with the concept to produce the Pocket Dungeon and the Mini Benyi Kit?

Ming: I came up with the idea of Pocket Dungeon and the Mini Benyi because I travel a lot and I love to play. I have play partners all over the USA. But I was finding that 25 pounds of the 50 pounds of my luggage was all of my kink gear. So I made this kit for myself and when folks saw it, it blew their minds. Also I also LOVE playing in nature. Hence the tag line “anywhere you dare” because you really can take your toys anywhere. The Mini Benyi is and even smaller and more compact kit which features our most versatile toy: The Benyi Jou: Translation Unique Whipping Cane and 3 of its attachments. Leather Flogger, Ball Chain Flogger and the Mini Bull Whip to give 4 toys in one! Plus we added the Leather black out blindfold and put it all together in a lovely leather case.

Andy Powell: The Pocket Dungeon is just that…a collection of fetish pleasure products packaged in a high quality leather pocket friendly case. I don’t know any other brand that his perfected this concept. How many different collections in this format do you have available for retailers?”


Ming: Thank you for asking that question! We have so many things in development that are variations on our brand and philosophy, “Travel sized kinky toys… ‘Anywhere you dare’”. What is very important to us right now is to be sure that we have perfected the quality and to get the word out about the Pocket Dungeon. You will be seeing a number of new offering in the coming months. Pocket Pokies, the Gag and Tag, and the Wristicuff.

Andy Powell: What have you found that has surprised you about the Adult Novelty marketplace in the USA?

Ming: Great question. I was absolutely surprised to find was that most adult novelty stores really don’t know and understand BDSM. They sell the products, but they don’t understand them. They don’t understand what a good scene is and how to achieve it. For example….. I heard many times that folks did not know about the science of brain chemistry aspect of BDSM play. We play with Oxytocin, Adrenaline, Dopamine and Serotonin. These are the feel good natural brain drugs and there are ways to access them to achieve amazing results. Deepening a relationship, bonding, soaring high, and self-confidence are just a few of the many benefits of this play.

Andy Powell: Are you finding retailers receptive to the Pocket Dungeon brand?

Ming: Yes indeed! We are being seen as the cross over product that folks have been looking for. Their customers are coming in them after reading 50 shades and wanting toys and more importantly they want to understand how to use them. Taking home a paddle and adding it to sex is honestly just going to piss the recipient off if they are totally new to BDSM and don’t know how to use it properly. There is an art and a science to a good scene, and we are talking about how to achieve that by making the science behind BDSM erotic.

Pocket dungeon

Andy Powell: Retailers love demos because they can put a custom display of the Pocket Dungeon in their stores and, for e-retailers, they can stream the demo at their online stores. Do you have demos available for retail and if so how many?

Ming: We have created lots of instructional videos on how to use the items in the kit but also we take the education process one step further by offering mini classes and play ideas for people so that they can really integrate this lifestyle into their sex lives in a holistic and relationship enriching way. After all that is at the core what our industry is about, healthy sex lives and happier relationships.

Andy Powell: Will Williams Trading and Pocket Dungeon be producing a display case for the Pocket Dungeon collection?

Ming: I will have a point to purchase display developed soon. I have given a tremendous amount of time researching to make it as easy, expensive and informative possibly. I know there is a learning curve to all of this, and I want to make it as easy and efficient as possible for everyone.

Andy Powell: With the Gay Pride Season in full swing, have you and your marketing team thought about promoting the Pocket Dungeon at any of the Gay Pride Festivals in the United States this year and if so, which ones?”

Ming: We are advertising in the Gay Pride addition of the Williams Trading Company catalog and even though I am in Hawaii I go to 10 to 20 kink, queer, poly events around the country a year. I love talking to and educating people and showing them Pocket Dungeon and I LOVE using it on people. We will be at the San Diego Pride Festival next month in fact so Please come find the Pocket Dungeon/ PD Kilts booth and I will happily show you what all the excitement is about.

Andy Powell: Kewl….Now Ming I have to ask this one…With all of the competition in retail with the various brands of fetish products, what makes Pocket Dungeon stand out above all the rest?

Ming: Well I think we stand out in two ways: First is the unique pocket-friendly nature of all our toys and secondly we are talking about the how and why of BDSM. We see ourselves as a travelers brand, but we also realize we are a cross over product. In many cases we will be the first set of toys and the first introduction to BDSM for most folks and we are taking that responsibility seriously. We want to make BDSM accessible and enjoyable for everybody. Our videos are friendly and informative and every Pocket Dungeon has an illustrated 20 page booklet where we go in to detail about how to do this play safely.

Andy Powell: What can you tell the retailers that are reading this right now about the Pocket Dungeon collections that they can not do without?

Ming: The Pocket Dungeon is our flagship product. We have named the company and our brand philosophy around those two simple but powerful words. More will be coming, displays will be coming, but start with the Pocket Dungeon and watch as your customers eyes light up as you tell and show them everything that has been engineered into this beautiful leather sunglasses sized case.

Andy Powell: What do you think retailers should know about the ever expanding BDSM market?

Ming: I think it is important to look at the young people, the next generation. More and more I find that they see BDSM as just a part of a healthy sex life. They want to explore like young people do, and they want to be a good partner. In the past that meant having dinner on the table at 6:00. Today it means trying new sex toys, new positions and new dynamics. Today’s generation is not constrained by a lot of the old societal shame, and so you see them experimenting and exploring more than ever before to find out what fits their personal style.

Ming Continues…Remember Andy…It is important to recognize we are not talking about a fad here. We are witnessing the next evolution in sexuality; playing with power. The retailers that take the time to really understand this new market will be ahead of the curve. I truly believe the strides that were made in gay acceptance of the last decade will be what we can look forward to in this coming decade for kinksters and BDSM players.

Andy Powell: How can retailers stay on top of your special promotions through Williams Trading? Can they follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin….?

Ming: We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Fetlife.

Andy Powell: What can Gay and Lesbian Adult consumers expect when they purchase the Pocket Dungeon collections?

Ming: Authenticity, because I identify as queer and I live in the leather community, it was very important to us to not skimp anywhere. We did not want to make a cheap novelty. To the very best of our ability we strive to make the highest quality product that we possibly can. We searched and innovated our kit’s components. We insisted on quality napa leather and quality stitching, stainless steel hardware and iron for the padlocks. The whole process was set back a whole year as we sent back thousands of sample items because we kept raising the bar with the factory’s we were working with. We believe in this product, I am always amazed at how well it stands up to all styles of play.

Andy Powell: Amy, thank you for chatting with me here on JRL CHARTS today. Our Fetish readers are going to be thrilled to check out the Pocket Dungeon collection and, for retailers, they are going to enjoy the revenue they are going to make when they begin stocking the Pocket Dungeon in their boutiques nationwide.

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Contact your Williams Trading Co. sales rep for ordering information at 800-423-8587.

Williams Trading Co. is a full line Adult Wholesale Distributor with over 40 years of excellence in the industry, carrying over 20,000 different items; with new products added weekly. Check out for its simple and effective online ordering system, backed by a knowledgeable sales staff. Over the years, the company has expanded to offering direct drop-shipping services for online retailers, with the launch of