10 Things to Do with Rabbit this Spring

Cosmo’s Top Pick for The Search of Orgasm – The Blush Luxe Rabbit

These award winning Rabbits are featured in Cosmo Magazine 2014 as top pick in the search for ultimate orgasm. Please note we have all three in stock for immediate shipment to our customers. These Rabbits are getting a lot of buzz from the Cosmo article.  “ Get Rabbit Ready for Double the Fun Orgasm”

Blush-Eves-Rabbit-Cosmo-Flyer-WT-Email (1)
Celebrated and enjoyed by women from all over the world , the Rabbit Vibe with it’s long shaft, rotating head to stimulate the inside of your vaginal walls. The term ” Rabbit” gets its name from the little tiny Rabbit Ears designed to stimulate your clitoris with tingling sensation.
These funny little Rabbit Ears make help to create the ultimate climax, and now include a rotating Thrust-er to add to your enjoyment.