Notification of enhanced manufacturer listings for the Cloud 9 Novelties Pro and the Cloud 9 Novelties Gigolo.and Cloud 9 Novelties Lube, Please note new pricing on the F machine and Gigolo


Please note as the manufacture we have added an enhanced listing feature called Amazon + for the Cloud 9 Novelties Pro and the Cloud 9 Novelties Gigolo and Cloud 9 F-Slider. Amazon A+ detail pages offer accurate product images and informative text-based product descriptions. The direct authorized ASINs for these (2) items are listed below. Please only use these approved listings as they provide the most accurate descriptions and images and include the Amazon Plus feature for SEO.  Any use of non approved ASIN’s or bundling of additional items will be reported as a MAP Violation and will result in your listing being terminated, in addition to potential termination of your data feeds for these items.

Please note approved Amazon ASIN’s below for us only:

Approved ASIN for Power Touch




WILLIAMS TRADING CO. and MUFFS & CUFFS are dedicated to providing your consumers the highest quality online purchase experience from all of our resellers. As such, we strictly enforce all minimum advertised price policies (MAP policy compliance) designated by our branded-vendor partners to protect their product’s imagery, trademark and pricing.

MAP policy compliance applies to all internet sales of our branded-vendor’s products sold in North America (including Canada) and internationally, except in countries where such policies are prohibited by law.

MAP policy compliance applies to all branded-vendor partners’ products offered for resale based on the current retail price they publish and, subsequently, is unique to each of our partners. Please click on the branded-vendor partner links below for a full list of their MAP policy compliance details.

A WILLIAMS TRADING CO. and/or MUFFS & CUFFS customer is required to conform to the published MAP policy compliance established by each of the branded-vendor products you resell. You may not ADVERTISE any of the MAP products at a price below the designated MAP price outlined in their published MAP policy. However, this policy does not apply in any way to a reseller’s actual SELLING at set prices. Every online reseller remains free to set their own retail price for the branded-vendor products they carry.

It is the sole discretion of WILLIAMS TRADING CO. and MUFFS & CUFFS to reserve the right to review a reseller’s compliance with branded-vendor partner’s MAP policy. If it is verified a WILLIAMS TRADING CO. and MUFFS & CUFFS customer advertises a vendor-branded product below the MAP policy price, they will no longer be eligible to purchase or resell that branded-product line.

Cloud 9 Novelties And F-Slider Love Glider Pro  MAP Policy US only

Cloud 9 Novelties  has worked hard to ensure that all authorized dealers provide resellers and consumers with the advice, service, knowledge, and support necessary to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Cloud 9 Novelties has concluded that certain types of advertising/pricing can affect goodwill and is damaging to the standards and reputation of brands represented under the Cloud 9 Novelties.

The MAP is published in the attached price list. Brands include but are not limited to F-Machine™ F- Machine Gigolo ™ F-Slider . Cloud 9 Novelties Lube WTC900L, WTC901L and Cloud 9 Novelties Air Touch VibratorTherefore, Cloud 9 Novelties has implemented a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy effective Nov 1 2016. The objectives: 1. To ensure that our dealer-product relationships are consistent and value based. 2. To maintain the proper positioning of our brands in the marketplace. The MAP Policy: Dealers may advertise brands under the Cloud 9 Novelties  umbrella at or above the minimum advertised price.


.For purposes of the MAP Policy “advertising” means any advertising through authorized media. Authorized media consists of billboards, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, brochures, direct mail, retail flyers, television, radio, e-commerce, forums and dealer internet sites or any other method which uses the hypertext transfer protocol (“http”) or any internal link to a web based shopping cart is considered advertising for the purposes of this policy.  This includes all website marketplace re-sellers, Amazon, E-Bay or any URL U.S. site advertising F Machine

Advertising at prices below the MSRP violates the MAP Policy. Any price with a “strike through” treatment is not considered a proper display of the MAP or higher price. Any advertised price, discounts such as coupons, or free accessories resulting in an effective advertised price of Cloud 9 Novelties . products at less than the MAP will constitute a violation of the MAP Policy.

Selling on Amazon and/or ebay is permitted as long as pricing is compliant to Cloud 9 Novelties.’s published MAP pricing.

A Dealer who advertises bundles of products, which include Cloud 9 Novelties™ and/or F- Machine Gigolo™ products, must also advertise the price or value of the products at or above the MAP.

Cloud 9 Novelties., from time to time, may sponsor special promotions or rebates to which this MAP Policy will not apply, as designated by Cloud 9 Novelties. at its sole discretion. Cloud 9 Novelties  will monitor compliance with this policy Cloud 9 Novelties . may, at its own discretion, stop supplying products to any Dealer, e-commerce site found to be in violation of the MAP Policy.

Questions about whether a planned advertisement complies with this policy should be directed to Cloud 9 Novelties .  sales@Cloud 9       0845 459 9451  http://www.Cloud 9

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