Vedo Savvy MAP Policy


Amazon EBAY  Restricted MAP Policy
All Partners must be submitted and approved for consideration per VeDO Savvy’s MAP Policy

Download the complete price list here below:

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Dear Valued Distribution Partner,
Savvy Co. works diligently to ensure that all authorized dealers provide resellers and consumers with the advice, service, knowledge, and support necessary to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Savvy Co. concludes that certain types of advertising/pricing can affect goodwill and damage the standards and reputation of brands represented under the Savvy Co. umbrella.
Due to recent non-compliant of Savvy Co. MAP pricing by e-commerce, Amazon and/or eBay resellers of Savvy Co. brands, including but not limited to VeDO, OhhhBunny by VeDO and Naughty Appetites; therefore, Savvy Co. has implemented a revised Savvy Co. MAP policy and Online Reseller Program to monitor all e-commerce resellers through batch coding and watermarking.
Please read attached Online Reseller Program and Savvy Co. MAP policy and sign Sections A and B. Please distribute attached Savvy Co. MAP policy and have it signed by a maximum of 3 trusted Amazon or eBay resellers.
Thank you for your support. We value the relationship we have developed with our distribution partners and reiterate that our objectives of implementing the Online Reseller Program and MAP Policy are designed to protect our brands, our trusted resellers and all sales channels to ensure long term growth.
Kind Regards,
Daniel Bilodeaux


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