Female Leaders Thrive at Pipedream Products



Chatsworth, CA — July 05, 2018 — As part of Pipedream’s new structure and vision, the company has emphasized the importance of fostering strong female leaders as well as promoting from within. Following the recent promotion of Miranda Doyle to Sales Manager, Pipedream is proud to announce that longtime employees Lori Scott, Christine Lawrence, and Samantha Kurowski have also been launched into new roles.

“Pipedream has set many industry standards for many years, but we hope to influence other organizations beyond adult as we strive to shift women’s representation in business,” said Pipedream CEO Matthew Matsudaira. “Lori, Christine, and Samantha have supported the company in countless ways and their hard work deserves to be recognized.”

Lori Scott has contributed to multiple roles across her 20-year history with Pipedream, now serving as Director of Business Development. She will be responsible for analyzing trends and identifying new avenues of growth for the company and its customers. She looks forward to providing innovative and specialized service to customers, as well as product opportunities that will help them achieve their parameters for success.

“It’s an expansion of my previous role but with more authority to explore opportunities and service my clients without complication or interference. I dedicate myself to providing the highest level of specialized customer support with expedited results and this new position empowers me to increase my output without compromising my standards. I’m very appreciative of the executive support I’ve received to experience this growth.”

Christine Lawrence brings 20 years of experience to her new role as Director of Global Supply Chain & Procurement after serving as Procurement Manager since joining the team in 2012. She is a dynamic and results-driven leader who will now work towards streamlining the company’s supply chain management strategies to achieve increased profits and customer satisfaction.

“I am very excited about joining the finance department and combining my two decades of experience in both finance and operations to maximize the efficiency of our global supply chain. I look forward to the challenge and seeing where all of our hard work will take us,” said Lawrence.

Samantha Kurowski joined Pipedream in 2016 as a graphic designer. She will now fill the role of Project Coordinator, working directly with Chief Design Officer Kristian Broms to oversee all projects within the design department from conception to fruition.

“I’m very optimistic about increasing our department’s efficiency by streamlining projects and managing workflow in order to provide quicker deliverable dates,” said Kurowski. “I’m also really looking forward to learning more about the business side of product development. It’s exciting to be able to incorporate my thoughts and input into the making of our kick ass products!”

Lori, Christine, and Samantha’s promotions come just after industry vet Miranda Doyle was announced as Pipedream’s new Sales Manager. “I’m really excited about this new role,” said Doyle. “Pipedream has always had an impressive arsenal of resources available and an extensive range of expertise on our team to help our customers navigate the changes in our industry. With some of the recent improvements here at Pipedream, we have all the support we need to remind our customers who we are and what we do at an expert level. There has never been a better time to be a part of Pipedream.”

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Exclusive VeDo Summer Sale From Williams Trading Co

Check out these HOT Vedo specials exclusively from Williams Trading Co at Net Pricing
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M0105 M0105DP  Rio        Orchid       $9.50
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P0305 P0305DP                 Quaker Orchid     $10.50
Terms and Conditions
  • All products are NET prices
  • While supplies last
  • Open to all sales channels
  • No returns

2018 Gay Pride Marketing Campaign for the Summer Season with a Hand Curated Selection and Sale

Pennsauken, NJ – Veteran adult distributor Williams Trading Co. is pleased to offer a comprehensive marketing campaign supporting the 2018 Pride season. This new marketing program is being supported with a partnership with JRL Charts, the leader in LGBT B2B entertainment.  JRL Charts will be launching a digital interactive Pride 2018 catalog, enhanced social media and a hand-curated mix of new products appealing to the Pride consumer.

View products on sale here
















All hand selected brands will be discounted 30% during this pride sale period effective June 1 – July 13th 2018. We are also supporting this program with our Williams Trading University (WTU) e-learning program offering over 120 vendor trainings available  at http://www.wtulearn.com


The cornerstone of our 2018 Pride marketing program is the hand-curated selection of Pride-themed products from the following vendor partners including; Perfect Fit, CalExotic Colt and Packer Gear, Cloud 9 Novelties, Maia, Nasstoys All American Whoppers, Hott Products, NS Novelties SHI/SHI and Colours Pride, Pipedream Pump Worx, Pride by Avant Blush, PHS Gaysentials, AdrienLastic and Body Anal Glide, OOOWEE Anal Relaxer from Body Action.


“The hand-selected  consumer product mix for the 2018 Pride season is unique as we experience significant increases in sales from specialty brands during the Pride period. “We have also seen unique new Pride-themed product from Hott Products, Pride Avant from Blush, NS Novelties SHI/SHI and the PHS Gaysentials product lines,” says  Scott D., Director of Sales & Marketing.


To support our dealer base we created a digital interactive catalog which simplifies the product selection and ordering process.  Live links embedded in each page allow customers to order from each of the hand-selected Pride brands on sale. “We’ve narrowed the mix to help guide our retail partners with specific Pride selections.  Williams Trading is a one-stop shop for all Pride-themed products,” says Deanna K., Marketing & Vendor Liaison. Wholesale dealers can shop and order direct from this Pride Catalog Link


Lastly, we are offering dealer support in the form of Point of Sale Material from Perfect Fit, Pipedream, and a unique custom spinner rack from PHS Gaysentials for easy space allocation and retail identification. “It’s imperative that retailers carve out a section of retail space and promote these custom assortments during the Pride selling season,” remarks Rich Pyne, VP of Sales.


For product ordering and shipping information, call a Williams sales representative today at 800-423-8587 or visit www.williamstradingco.com today. You can also view the digital ordering guide for this 2015 Gay Pride event by visiting this line here.


Williams Trading Co. is a full line Adult Wholesale Distributor with over 43 years of excellence in the industry, carrying over 20,000 different items; with new products added weekly. Check out www.williamstradingco.com for its simple and effective online ordering system, backed by a knowledgeable sales staff. Over the years the company has expanded to offering direct drop-shipping services for online retailers, with the launch of MuffsandCuffs.com.


Fetish Faves from Pipedream Products

From simple metal handcuffs to intricate Shibari rope play and everything in between, restraints are by far the most popular tool used in BDSM. As kink inches further into mainstream awareness, more and more consumers are opening up to previously unattainable pleasure possibilities.

Pipedream has been on the frontline of fetish for over a decade now, offering a wide selection of BDSM products at affordable prices that anyone can enjoy. Here are just a few of our best-sellers and staff favorites that are sure to catch consumers’ attention and drive home that sale.

These top-selling restraint items from our family of fetish brands are the tried-and-true items that will guarantee sales.
Fetish Fantasy Series
Lover’s Fantasy Kit
The Lover’s Fantasy Kit is an advantageous selection of first-time fetish must-haves—metal handcuffs, light flogger, and a comfy elastic blindfold. From beginners to advanced players alike, this kit satisfies such a wide range of consumers that it’s a sure-fire sellout for every retail environment.


Fetish Fantasy Series
Pink Passion Bondage Kit
Fetish doesn’t always need to be dark and sultry—in fact, the demand for lighter fetish fun is made clear in the years that this Pink Passion Bondage Kit has remained a best-seller. No fancy bells and whistles needed here—the cute and simple cuffs, ball gag, and tethers come in a cheerful shade of pink that could turn even Hello Kitty into Hello Kinky! You’ll dominate the underserved femme market with this truly unique fetish kit.


Sir Richard’s COMMAND
Under-Mattress Bondage Straps
It’s clear why the Under-Mattress Bondage Straps are Sir Richard’s top-selling restraint item. We’ve taken the classic bedroom bondage playground and gave it a serious upgrade with thick, sturdy straps, heavy-duty stainless steel hardware, and interchangeability to accommodate other COMMAND products for optimum versatility that lends itself well to upsells and add-ons.


These top-selling restraint items from our family of fetish brands are the tried-and-true items that will guarantee sales.
Fetish Fantasy Gold
Fantasy Bondage Kit
“Kits are always great sellers because the consumer perceives them as a built-in deal. They don’t have to worry about picking the ‘right’ thing because they trust our curated selection. With a chic twist on the classic blindfold, paddle, and cuffs, the Fetish Fantasy Gold Bondage Kit offers upscale quality at an affordable price. A definite must-have item!” —Briana Honz Watkins, Senior Sales Executive


Sir Richard’s COMMAND Bondage Door Cuffs
“Not all beds are created equal, but every bedroom definitely has a standard door that can accommodate this heavy-duty restraint system. Bondage Door Cuffs are an ordinary fetish item that we’ve enhanced with high-quality materials, paired with a trusted brand and strategic packaging that speaks directly to the intended consumer to grab their attention and solidify the sale.” —Rob Phaneuf, VP of Development


Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Bondage Panty
“Vibrating panties, cuff restraints, and e-stim products have been longtime favorites of our customers, so it only made sense to combine the three to create the ultimate Shock Therapy Bondage Panty. From the sleek leather panties to the durable metal hardware and the comfy Velcro cuffs, it’s no secret why this kinky item is always flying off the shelves.” —Cheryl Flangel, Brand Ambassador


Williams Trading Co Drop Shipment Services Announces Full Integration with Inventory Source for Drop Shippers including Shopify

This new partnership allows internet retailers to automatically upload products, sync inventory & route orders with our complete data feed of 19,000 items. Inventory Source is fully compatible with Shopify and will work virtually with any online store, marketplace or e-commerce platform. Inventory Source fully is compatible with Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, Magento, WordPress, Magento and many more marketplaces.

This system also allows auto-upload product data including all images. E-commerce retailers can keep inventory in sync with no manual file imports. “This allows our customers to stay synced to our product data, images and inventory levels to maximize sales,” says Rich Pyne Vice President of eCommerce Williams Trading Co.  Auto send of orders is also in place for all daily orders including shipment tracking.

“If you are starting in the Adult product space in eCommerce and selling a number of adult items, we recommend Inventory Source to integrate your data feed. This simple program also will allow you to adjust MSRP pricing and monitor MAP pricing requirements.” Scott D Director Marketing & Sales

Williams Trading Co Drop Shipment services offer several alternatives for e-commerce product integration. Please contact our experienced sales reps for a quick demo and to learn about our services.

For additional information on Inventory Source please visit our FAQ product link here to review requirements. Inventory automation requires a monthly integration charge based on your selected plan and requirements.  

Williams Trading Co. Launches New Blush Avant Pride Free-Elearning Module

Williams Trading Co. Launches New Blush Avant Pride Free-Elearning Module


In support of the Pride Season, Williams Trading Co has exclusively launched a new e-learning program featuring the Avant Pride Line from Blush. This e-learning course is geared to help educate on the new product features of the Avant Pride product line along with the different meaning behind each color flag represented.

Williams Trading Co Pride

The Avant Pride Collection is a line focused on delivering body safe, platinum cured silicone. They are non-porous, boilable, and easy to clean. They warm with your body or by running under warm water. Blush’s goal is to create toys that are as beautiful as your desires. Avant Pride contains no additives or fillers, creating a silky feel. This new e-learning course will help learners gain knowledge on how to use key selling points to sell these unique items. Each piece in this unique collection is specially made with colors of the different pride flags. The e-learning course helps explain what each flag represents and gives beneficial information that will help learners feel confident when speaking to their customers.


“ The new Avant Pride collection is a very distinct product line to focus on during this Pride season. It will be extremely beneficial for learners to take the course to help them better understand what the different Pride flags represent. This product line has done very well and is sure to be a best seller this Pride season. ” says  Scott D., Director of Sales & Marketing.


You can view the Williams Trading University module here on the Avant Pride product line. This new product line is being supported with testers and free e-learning from Williams Trading.  Contact our knowledgeable sale reps for pricing and new orders.


Williams Trading University (WTU) is a free resource provided to our dealers with the collaborative support of the of our vendors. Since its September 2015 launch, WTU certified over 71,000 store associates, impacted retail sales growth and providing a better store experience for all customers. View the complete portfolio of e-learning courses here at www.wtulearn.com


The full Avant Pride product line is now in stock for immediate shipment. Williams Trading Co. offers drop shipment services for all e-commerce channels. For product ordering and shipping information, contact a Williams Trading sales representative at 800-423-8587 or visit http://www.williamstradingco.com.


Williams Trading Co. is a full line Adult Wholesale Distributor with over 43 years of excellence in the industry, carrying over 20,000 different items, with new products added weekly. Check out http://www.williamstradingco.com for its simple and effective online ordering system, backed by a knowledgeable sales staff. Over the years, the company has expanded to offering direct drop-shipping services for online retailers, with the launch of MuffsandCuffs.com.



Today’s Topic: Clitoral Stimulation using Cloud 9 Air Touch III
It is widely reported that the majority of women orgasm with clitoral stimulation alone. Clitoral stimulation occurs during an increased blood flow to the genital area, which, in turn, can create more sexually stimulating encounters.
But for women who may find achieving orgasm difficult even with the best clitoral stimulation such as fingers, orally or by using a vibrating sex toy, a comfortable solution may be with a compact device that provides both a sucking and blowing sensation directly onto the clitoris
The purpose of this type of stimulating toy known as Cloud 9’s Air Touch III, is to increase the sensation of the clitoris by providing silent, non-vibrating stimulation which gently increases blood flow to the clitoris.
Cloud 9’s Pro Sensual Air Touch III is for those who want a strong yet delicate wisp of air to carry them to the next level. Easy to hold in one’s palm, the amazing Cloud 9 Air Touch technology provides gentle stimulation of the clitoris and has 12 independent functions of speed and strength.
Made of high-quality silicone with easy to use controls, the rechargeable Air Touch III can be used for exciting nipple stimulation for any gender as well.
The versatility of the Air Touch III can also allow it to be used for genital stimulation after childbirth.
Most importantly, the Air Touch III can also be used for clitoral stimulation no matter how sensitive she may be.