Sexercise Part 1—Ladies First! How Sex can make You Healthier

Sexercise Part 1—Ladies First! How Sex can make You Healthier

You don’t need a couple of Ph.Ds in sexology to tell you that good sex between consenting adults can be fun and fulfilling. But you might not know about all the ways sex can make you healthier, as well.

In fact, there are SO many health benefits, we had to split our revelations into two blogs — one for women and one next week for men. So, let’s get started. The sooner you know these secrets, the sooner you can start your workouts (maybe even tonight!).

Got Cramps? – Many women complain of severe menstrual cramps every month, and their usual habit is to wait until they have them and then take an over-the-counter medication to combat them. In most cases, they experience little relief. But what if we told you that what you’re doing in between periods can help prevent that severe cramping? Well, we’ve got an app for that. It’s called sex. When a woman achieves orgasm, her uterus contracts and spasms as part of the experience. That expels many cramp-causing chemicals and compounds from the uterus. If you have sex often enough, you’ll begin to see your cramps becoming less severe and more manageable.

Want a Shorter Period? – Uterine contractions via orgasm aren’t just good for reducing cramps, but also the length of your period altogether. The contractions help rid the body of blood and tissue more quickly, helping to end your period faster.

Want More Regular Periods? – Endocrinologists on the research staff at Columbia and Stanford Universities recently performed a study that revealed women who had sex at least once per week were having more regular menstrual cycles as compared to those who had sex every so often. Establishing a once-a-week “date night” with your partner just uncovered a hidden benefit.

Bladder Control Problems? – Sex strengthens the pelvic floor muscles that control the flow of urine. Kegel exercises that occur naturally during sex will result in women having much better bladder control. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t do some extra Kegels in the car while you’re driving home, too. They are as good for increasing pleasure in sex as they are for enhancing your bladder control.

Want a Better Relationship? – Sexual contact, especially when it results in orgasms, releases a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” It helps people feel closer and more intimate, and helps solidify the bonds of a romantic relationship. So, yeah, we guess we’re saying that good sex brings people closer together. I know that’s a no-brainer, but we just thought it was cool there is a scientific basis for it.

So, don’t just have sex because it makes you feel good — have sex MORE because it makes you healthy.

Do you have questions about Sexercising? Ask at Club CalExotics. And watch for the men’s post about sexercising!

Written by: The Love Birds are Drs. Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird, Board Certified Clinical Sexologists, Relationship Counselors, and CalExotics Expert Sexperts. Find them at and

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