LELO Curated Collections Campaign Launches from Williams Trading Co.

LELO Curated Collections Campaign – Includes offers on the 3 Curated Collections of the Hottest Items of 2016
  • Classic Collection for the beginner – Nea 2 and Lily 2 are updates of the first generations and best sellers for over 10 years
  • Tiani Collection for couples – The remote control wearable that brings pleasure for two, now available to the US for the first time . Tiana 24k 50% off Retail Pricing
  • Wave Collection (for the pleasure connoisseur) – now $30 OFF retail pricing
Wholesale Only Order Now
LELO selected items have been re-priced at the wholesale level with discounts of 10% (note all LELO products are MAP Protected)
LELO is offering testers, and custom displays for new dealers. Don’t forget FREE E-learning on LELO at www.wtulearn.com
le3l3 - Copylel2 - Copylel3lel4lel5lel6lel7

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